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Chain breaker wanted to borrow [West Melb]

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by port80, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Does somebody have a chain breaker I could please borrow? I need to replace my chain rather urgently as it's beyond rooted. Ideally from around Werribee way.


  2. You don't need one to get the chain off Port, just cut it. It's a simple straight forward process.
    I think Loz may have the burring tool you need to put one back on. But then you don't really need one of those either.

    I don't suppose you're taking a gold chain off by any chance. I need an old one for a project I've got in mind, it would be handy if you could keep it aside for me.

    If you get stuck on anything give a shout out. I'll shoot through my number.
  3. I have an RK Gold for you, Chef.
  4. Excellent Rog, much appreciated bud. We'll hook up soon.
  5. Thanks for the reply Chef. I'm taking off a crufty old DID - nothing special. The missus has a gold chain though, might be a bit hard to get her to part with it.

    I don't have an angle grinder to get the current chain off, so I figured a chain breaker would be the next best thing. I can't say I know what a burring tool is, nor where to find one.

    Maybe I should bite the pre-christmas-bankruptcy-bullet and buy a chain breaker. I doubt this will be the last time I do a chain.
  6. Buy an angle grinder!!!! They're heaps more fun, you can do more things with them, and they're probably cheaper too.

    Remember, once you have an angle grinder and a balaclava, everything else is FREE.
  7. Santa might be kind this year. Afterall she didn't deliver the track bike I had ontop of my list last year.
  8. I've got a grinder and a chain tool you can borrow.
  9. Great, thanks Loz. I'll shoot you a PM once I've got the sprockets.
  10. I'm in Pascoe Vale now by the way, it's not much further than the old place. And if you wanna do it here with an extra set of hands, I'm up for it.
  11. You're a good man Loz. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  12. That'd be brilliant thanks Loz. When would suit you?
  13. Hmm, gimme a ring when you've got the sprockies and I'm sure we can work something out. Chain and sprockets, CBR600... I reckon we should get a 2 hours or less turnaround on that.
  14. Just thinking out loud here, but is Mogo closer? I have beer :grin:
  15. I don't think my chain would make it that far :( I couldn't believe how much worse it had gotten over the past week.
  16. :-k seems like there might be a spanner day coming up at Port's :)

    I've got an angle grinder too if needed, but it looks like you're covered.
  17. it dosent have a removable (joiner) link?
  18. Yep all welcome. Probably tonight - maybe tomorrow arvo. Just awaiting confirmation. Awesome curry is on the menu.... sorry Dan.
  19. I *think* the current one does. I'm not sure that the new one will, I've been told to not use the clip link style. I'll see what my options are when I get to raceway.
  20. I think slick is suggesting cutting the chain and removing a link to tighten everything back up again.
    If you were going to go to Mogo then that would be recommended. But your chain will get you to Loz's no problems.
    NO wheelies, stoppies or hard takeoffs though, try to control yourself. :LOL: