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Chain and Sprockets Need Replacing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cakeman, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Hi, i just bought a honda RVF400 from action motorcycles a few weeks ago. Its in pretty good condition however the chain and sprockets need replacing soon.

    I spoke to them today and they gave me a rough quote of $500 (about $300 for parts, $200 for labour) . Just a couple of questions...

    1) How does this price sound?
    2) How long does it take to replace?
    3) Can you recommend any places in sydney to do this?
    4) are there any brands etc or should be looking at or is it much of a muchness for me as im only a L plater

    Thanks in advance


  2. I had mine done recently
    204 - rd o-ring chain, and jt sprockets.
    and about 88 in labour.
  3. Geeth got a bargain at that. $88 sounds like 1 hour labour (1 1/4 maybe). It's a pretty nifty mechanic that can do it in that.

    Also has the RVF a single sided swing arm? If so this may make the rear sprocket more expensive and more time consuming.

    My gut is $500 is at the upper end of the right range.
  4. Yea it does have a single swing arm. I thought $500 sounded a bit rich.

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in sydney to get this sort of work done?
  5. Yep, it was a good price.
    The reason I went there over doing it myself (with help)is because the labour cost was pretty much the same as getting a chain press.

    The mechanics seem to like my bike there because it's an easy one.