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Chain and Sprockets... How long and how much?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by parko, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I'm on a vtr250 that I bought second hand, the chain and sprockets were apparently recently replaced (according to the dealer). Just wondering how many k's you "normally" get out of a "standard" chain as sprocket (assuming an oil every 500k's and a clean every 1000k's). Also what costs am I looking at to replace them when they do wear out? thx! :?:

  2. they should last you 10,000km at least.

    to see if the dealer was telling you fibs or not, check the sprocket teeth for wear. the tips should be very blunt and fat. the gaps between the teeth should be circular and not oval. the chain should have no tight or slack spots. the chain adjustment block on the swingarm should have plenty of room to go.

    reasonable new replacement prices... front sprocket $20-30, rear sprocket $50-100, chain $120-200.
  3. 10000 kays!! I didn't realize that they would last such a short period! I do ~500 kays a week so I'm going to have to be looking at at least $190 + labour every 4 to 5 months :( ! What can I do to alleviate those costs? Can you buy "long lasting" chains and sprockets that give you better value per dollar?

    I've been reading about those automatic chain oiling systems (scottoiler) on this forum and they can apparently "significantly" increase the life of your chain and sprockets...

    :?: :?: :?:
  4. On a VTR250 you will probably get more than 10,000k out of a chain because it's such a low power bike. A scott oiler won't increase chain life if you're already maintaining it properly. They're just designed for lazy people.
  5. 10,000???

    My chain & sprockets on the babyblade were at 30,000km and did not need replacing.

    I just did the Storms C&S's $55 front, $100 rear, $211 chain.

    pricey exercise
  6. I think 10,000k is pretty poor for a good quality chain, even on a big bike.
    I get about 25,000, and that's riding in all weather, lubricating regularly (but not being as good as I should be with cleaning).
    Little bikes tend to have little chains, but I'd be surprised if it was worse than that.
    The possible exception is big V-twins, which tend to wear chains faster due to their big power impulses.
  7. Can someone ( for an idiot newbie ) run over the cleaning/ oiling process of the chain again for me? :S
  8. You should get about 30000km out of the chain and spockets (Unless you are a wheelie addict). As a general rule, getting a bike shop to replace them for you will cost about $300. :)
  9. Clean with Kerosene and a brush (Paint/tooth) them immediately and thouorghly rince off with water. Dry, then take a 5 min ride to warm up the chain. Spay on some lube and the job's done.
    When you do it, take off the cover over your front sprocket and clean all the crap out of there and from under the chain gaurd.

    I always use this a a good chance to thourorghly detail the bike while I'm there. :grin:
  10. ... and just in case anyone gets a great idea, it is NOT clever to put the bike on centre-stand, put it in gear and let the motor turn the wheel while you lube it! There's at least one netrider who knows not to do this now.
  11. Why??? did the bike fall over or did they loose a finger??

    UH OH......does this have any relation to pictures of a particular netrider who had to have the end of his finger re-attached. I remember seeing the pictures and wondering how it happend. However, i may have just put two and two together!!
  12. Correcto, I was referring to the re-attachment of the finger (although I wouldn't be surprised if the bike fell over as well, in the subsequent thrashing about!).
    Quite a common occurance, apparently.
  13. Yo Parko,
    My vtr250 had a chain and sprocket replacement at 18k and it's going in for another one tomorrow at 40k.
  14. I dont have to worry about that on the Kwaka. :grin:
  15. NO...being a Kwaka you just have to keep the mice that run on the treadmill well fed :grin: :p
  16. They run even faster if you tie a cat to the swingarm. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. hey,

    On my xz6 i got 40000k from my first set and it's starting to make noise now with 35000k on my second set. Definately beats the crap I brought 20 years ago................ 8000K on my old RZ's........if i was lucky.
  18. You also don't need to worry about going fast, stopping quickly or turning sharply on the kwaka.... :LOL: :p

    Sorry Dave, you put up the tin cans, I just shot them down :grin: .

    Chains last a long time on small bikes, keep well lub'd and look for signs of wearing on the sprockets, ie, the teeth wearing down and in one direction, the cups getting really deep...hope that make sense to people beside me :shock: :) . when the sprockets are shagged it's a safe bet so is the chain.
  19. I just changed mine at 29,000k on my VTR 1000. whitch i thought was pretty good.
  20. 30,000 on my zx9 and it was just getting crunchy :shock: $300.00 chain and sprockets