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chain and sprocket

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by feriant, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. currently the chain is loose and often making noise when i deaccelerate.
    no idea how to adjust neither change them.
    any suggestion about chain and sprocket for across?
    thanks heaps :)

  2. Hey Feri
    got your pm ,
    hope this helps .

  3. also check your pm for the rest of the info you asked :D
  4. Depending on how much wear the chain and sproket have you might just get away with adjusting it... Coz the accros does not have a center stand you will have to be creative lifting the back wheel off the ground... a pice of 2 by 4 of the right lenght is perfect... if the chain and sprockes are stuffed you will have to replace them... easy job for me (got all the tools and know how) but it can be bit messy for some one doing it for the first time... my first atempt at changing a chain resulted in the chain falling off and only lasting 1000km (I was using WD40 as lube) If you want I can help you... send me an email...
  5. Lordtb - do you have any tips on changing chain/sprockets, as I'm about to attempt it soon :)
  6. YZF600R... is that the thundercat?? if so I have done chain and sprokets on them owww about three times...

    1. you could just about get away without taking the fairing off. but best to do it any way.
    2. need to use a big socket (30mm or 32mm I cant remember)
    3. rear sproket can be difficult to take off some places glue in the nuts!!!
    4. original set is 532 and costs $800 to $1200 depending how much of a mate is your mate at yamaha dealer ship
    5. if you pay more than $500 for an after market set you are getting ripped off
    6. after market size is 530
    7. dont over tighten the nut holding the front sproket especialy when using aftermarket pars as you have less thred (replacement nut is only $15)
    8. get a chain riveting tool $100 will get you a good one.
    9. chain greace is very very difficult to wash off
    10. e-mail me if you have more questions
  7. 532... interesting! I've never heard of a 532 before

    I just ordered an aftermarket chain (DiD) and OEM sprockets, but 1 extra tooth in the rear.. added up to about $300 i think.

    sounds like I might have a problem though, if the chain is a 530 and the sprockets are 532... what do you think?
  8. depending where you are getting the parts from?? are they all coming from the same dealer?? if so they should know better and most probably odered you the right stuff (all after market) but if you are getting sprokets from yamaha and chain form somwere else than most probably they are different... DiD... I know they are a good brand but I dont think they make a 532 chain...
    right now I'm not shoure which measurment the 530 and 532 refears to... but I dont think they mach...
  9. I ordered them through a local mechanic... the DiD chain is definitely a 530, but he said the sprockets are OEM. guess I'll have to make sure they arent 532 when he gets them.

    which model of the thundercat were you working with? apparently they've changed the chain size over the years (he said the newer ones use 525)
  10. Hmm.. I know they changed it several times hance my local Yamy dealer recomends after maket 530 set, it fits all YZF till R6 i think... The Thunder cats I worked on were all the same model but different years... 96, and two 98... apparently they had a change in 96 and 98 so each time I oder parts I have to give them a vin no to make shoure they get the right part :)
  11. Buy a Harley..they run on rubber bands.
  12. Mainstream roadbike chains are either 428/ 520/ 525/ or 530, as are the OEM items. Bike manuf buy chains in bulk from chain manufacturers.
    Bike Manufacturers buy sprockets from sprocket manufacturers.
    AFAM and JT are the 2 biggest sprocket brands.
    DID and RK are major chain manufacturers, Regina a smaller one.

    A decent DID X-ring (VM-range) cost about $120 in 428...$130/ 520...$ 150/ 525 and $180 for the 530.
    Front sprocket around the $30/ rears $60 average.
    Bikes from 50hp onwards should have rivetted chains (endless chains/ whatever), up to 50hp and dirt-bikes are fine with clip-links as chain-closures.
    Procedure is similar regardless of bike. Tools are neccessary.
  13. Than why is it when I buy a chain for a thundercat they alwasy give me lecture on how the Yamaha chains are a 532 but a suitable replacement is a 530?? So is a 530 thesame as 532 and yamaha are just a pain in the but??
  14. The only manufacturer (and model)-specific chain I've ever came across was for a Muench TTS/E in the 70's. A handfull were made with dual-sprockets either end and a dual-520 chain to go with it. The outer set of cogs/ links were offset by half a link.
    It was a hand-built 1200 with a car-engine and mechanical injection.
    Absolutely brutal on tyres of the time.
    Whatever Yamaha calls their stuff (like all those funny designations on their Yamalube containers) it's still a 530. If paired with standard 530 pitch sprockets...it's within specs. The yammie-dealer comment pretty much says it all...
    Of course they'd rather sell their own stuff at huge (non-competitive) mark-ups.