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Chain and Sprocket

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NinjaKid, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Hi i got a 2010 ninja 250 here she has done 30,500 km
    i bought off from this kid for 2900
    when i brought in to the workshop, they told me that the sprocket and the chain is completely worn out, Im not sure how do you check it exactly, and ive been looking around youtube and everything im not quite sure.., im just afraid that this guy is just trying to rip me off but, the brake disc as well is worn, the rear disc min thickness is 4.5mm but its now at 4.0mm is that bad? do you guys think i can get away with it for a couple days or something? im trying to use my front alot more, and to be honest the front min thickness is 4.0mm and its now exactly at 4.0mm i just changed the front pad they charge me 95$ for EBS , im currently on a tight budget here, ill try to work things out one thing at a time, i notice that the chain has got several loose and tight spots is that bad? so far as the sprocket is concerned, i dont see much wear in the teeth, advice guys? im new to bike so... yeah :)
    is that a good price for a ninja? 2900, no damage on the fairings just needs servicing
    anyways thanks for reading guys

  2. Hi mate, didn't you post a few days back that the chain was so loose you could get it off the sprocket with your finger? It could be just badly adjusted but in all likelihood it is knackered and replacing it and the chain may be best.

    As a bike noob - remember cheaper sell price on a bike will probably mean a lot needs doing to it, as you are finding. Next time you go to buy a bike, maybe take somebody with you who can check it out first. Nothing worse than getting your new pride and joy home only to find its need mega $ thrown at it to pass RWC.
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  3. reads like it's got more than 30Mm on it.

    The rear disc I wouldn't loose sleep over it being too worn for a 1000km or so. The front I would be more nervous about.

    to get you by:

    With regards chain and sprockets, if the back looks OK, but the chain has tight spots, I'm guessing the front sprocket is rooted.

    The front sproket is pretty cheap $20-25. Change that yourself and give the chain a good clean out in kero. check for tight spots then and check for sideways flex. there are guides online that will let you know what is acceptable. If it's on the limit (or better) then lube it and put it back on.

    Next you need to look at front disc. get a set of vernier calipers and go to a wreckers. Be prepared to haggle because they will want to charge you too much. You will need good quality (long) allen keys to change them and some locktite for putting it back on

    then do the rear disc and the chain as soon as you can. Leave the chain too long and it could damage both sprockets and you will be up for even more
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  4. yeap, i think it needs replacing its just that im not sure which one i should work on first, I did took my uncle with me, hes riding the boulevard, but heck idk anythin bout bike, ive been reading and watching youtube and like i said earlier the chain should never be able to be pulled off from the sprocket? least thats what the youtube guys are telling me, but all in all money is just money man, ive spent hours on the bike and i get pure enjoyment from that, even though im sort on cash but its all good, but again like i need to know what needs to be done first that way I can work on it right, but I do appreciate the guys here in netrider especially you, replying to my stupid questions on and on, you guys been a big help;)(y)
  5. Sprocket wear can be deceiving to the untrained eye..
    Take the below: Both look acceptable however the one of the left is absolutely shagged. The "waves" on the left one will chop out your chain and O-rings pretty quickly.

    And if you can remove the chain with your fingers it also means it can remove itself and result in either the below or worse a full lock up sending you over the bars

    Your chain has tights spots as the o-rings are prob shagged and are binding. Check for flex as iBast has suggested however it sounds like it could be too far gone. At the very least have your mechanic adjust the chain to remove as much slack as possible however if the stops are wound completely out and it's still sloppy, I wouldn't be riding it anywhere until it's fixed.

    All the best
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  6. Brakes would be my main concern. It'd be a shame if you got the sprockets and chain sorted and then couldn't stop quick enough...

    There's a motorcycle graveyard out at silverwater, you might be able to find some reasonable condition discs on a similar model out there for way cheaper than new?
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  7. The rear disk is not ideal, but the major risk with a worn disk is when the pads are worn they can fall out (it has happened to an old car I had). If you replace the pads (cheapies for now) it would buy you some time about the disk. Can your uncle adjust a chain? Do boulevards have chains?
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  8. thanks guys very informative, and no my uncle's boulevard doesnt have any chain, i'll have to do it myself, i'll ask the mechanic how, ill get the sprocket done by this friday, and rear brake soon to come thanks guys, anyone here happen to ride in Penrith?
  9. Few things to note - front sprocket is easy to change, leave the bike in gear so the nut doesn't just spin in neutral when you're trying to undo it. A rattle gun and socket is helpful for undoing it. Get a chain with a clip link, not a rivet link, or you'll need a chain tool to connect it. Before I had a rear wheel stand I kicked the side stand down and lifted the bike balancing it on the stand then propped some stuff under the bike and then rested the bike down on the frame to get the rear wheel off the ground. Few ocky straps and she didn't move (too much...) Super dodgey but I didn't have a centre stand and chain needed urgent attention...

    Rear sprocket is quite simple to swap over, just make sure you put everything back together the same order you took it apart.

    Plenty of vids on YouTube of how to change out chain and sprocket, and there's plenty of helpful people on here too, don't do anything you're not comfortable doing. Good luck, let us know how it goes!
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  10. hey steve, thanks for your advice, I'm new to riding so maybe ill leave it to the guys at the workshop but i appreciate your reply man, its good to know(y)
  11. hey steve, thanks for your advice, I'm new to riding so maybe ill leave it to the guys at the workshop but i appreciate your reply man, its good to know(y)
  12. 30,000ks is easily enough to kill a chain and sprocket set if they haven't been maintained. Hell, it's enough kill a well maintained set if the bike is ridden in dirty conditions (i.e. a year-round commuter).

    I'm a bit surprised to hear that the back disc so worn after that amount of kilometers, but I suppose if the previous owner tended to drag the back brake a lot it might be possible.

    I'm very surprised to hear that the front disc is done after that amount. To put it in perspective, I replaced the front disc on my 250 after more than 80,000k, from memory. My 900 has now done almost 130,000 and the original two front discs are still fine. In this case, I'd be be suspicious of the odometer.

    If your chain is very noisy, has tight spots, or requires very frequent adjusting or your rear sprocket is excessively worn then I would suggest just replacing the whole lot. Sure, you can fcuk around trying to clean and free the chain up with kerosene, but in my experience a worn chain is a worn chain; the effect of any efforts to revive it are strictly temporary.

    Do I think you can get away with it for a couple of days? Yes, as long as your brake pads aren't worn right down and the variation in chain tension is not so great that it is a risk of coming off at the loose spots (set the tension at the tightest spot).
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  13. #13 NinjaKid, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
    Most probably this kid hasnt took care of the bike that much i guess, doesnt lube the chain..., and i think for the brakes, im pretty sure this kid did not replace the brake pads and he left it till it scruff up the whole disc, and for the sprocket and chain, its not the original sprocket that comes with the kawasaki
    Are those aftermarket parts really that good?
    Well easy way is just to change the whole thing
  14. Chain, sprocket, brake discs borked after 30,000KMs - the bike maybe clocked.
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  15. ya mean its been raced?
    but replacing all em the bike should be all fine yes?
  16. 2010 model so it's unlikely to have been around the clock. I would however be concerned that the discs are so bad - my bike has 88,000km on and the discs are fine.

    Don't fcuk around, get a new chain and sprocket set and replace the front disc NOW then do the rear later (but not too much later).
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  17. He means that the odometer may have maxed out, thus resetting and starting again from 0. Do the newer Ninja 250s have odometers that go up to 99,999 or 999,999?
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  18. 30,000km is OK for chain and sprockets, especially on a learners bike as they don't look after them.
  19. Hi, newbie here
    30000 usually nothing as long the chain are lubed and maintained.

    For me, chain and sprocket come first, since I know how it feels when you have to stop a few times to fix the chain along the way.

    However, if your brake pads are already worn out to its metal and therefore scratching the disc, then it's a bad sign, then the priority shifted to the brake pads and maybe the disc as well. Front come first before the rear, pretty much use front than rear for braking.

    Just my two cents.
  20. 20150807_144040. 20150807_144103. 20150807_144110.
    Just got the chain and the sprocket done
    Look at em brakes pretty bad huh?