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Chain and Sprocket advice

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robbied, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I need a new set of sprockets and a chain for my '98 CBR 900RR. I've pretty much decided im going with a DID chain and steel JT sprockets.

    The dillema is that my bike originally has a 525 pitch chain and sprockets, but im not sure if its worth getting the new kit in the 520 size. I know its lighter and supposedly faster because its lighterweight. I know the steel sprockets and DID chain are rated capable of the 900RR's power even in the 520 pitch.

    Is there anything to lose by going to a 520 size setup?
  2. Longevity.

    Trevor G
  3. That was my main concern. Will there be a noticeable performance improvement? If so that my offset the longetivety issue.
  4. I really don't think so.

    520's can be cheaper, again offset by life. Just stick with stock unless there's a reason otherwise.
  5. If you want that little bit more performance when you ride, go to the toilet beforehand :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Probably the cheapest weight saving you will ever get, with no real downsides :p
  6. I doubt you'd notice the weight difference on the bike. It may take your top speed to an extra 1kph faster. Still, it won't do any harm but it mightn't last as long. I'd do whatever worked out better value:)
  7. No performance improvement that you will notice. None at all.

    Any new chain works better than an old one, though, so don't be caught out by any of that mumbo.

    The G
  8. On a race bike, any horsepower gain is gratefully received. Couple that with a generally lower cost, vast array of light weight sprockets and a 520 conversion make sense. For a road bike, next to nowt.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, I will be going with the D.I.D. X-ring and JT steel sprockets 525 pitch for better durability.