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Chain adjustments - SPADA

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Drew, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. i have noticed the spada is getting jerky when accelerating in 1st and 2nd and though it might be the chain.......and i was right.

    at a rough visual estimation i have about 40mm of play in the chain.
    the SPADA service book says 15-25mm so i guess im in need of some adjustment.

    i think i understand how to adjust it.... undo looking nuts, then tighten the other nuts until chain is at correct slack then tighten locking nuts again..... and if i go past the marks on the swingarm it's time to order some new chain and sprockets.

    no centre/race stand so i may be improvising jack wise. :?

    Now.. the whole point of this post.......... anything else i should know/be aware of?

    And what size sprockets and chain does the SPADA use? just in case i need to order some??

    i have the Sprockets listed as 17Teeth on the front and 51 on the back but no chain size. And i have no idea how to find out.

    Thanks in advance

  2. The chain tension can be adjusted perfectly well with the rear wheel still sitting on the ground. From the sounds of it you've got the idea on how to adjust, just remember that the chain will tighten slightly when you tighten up the axle lock nut (so double check the chain slack when done). It's important to check the chain slack on ALL parts of the chain - if it develops any tight spots then it's a sign that it needs to be replaced. I was thinking of going for a ride this Saturday so if you want a hand adjusting the chain let me know :).
  3. I was going to give it a go tonight as i plan to ride into the city tomorrow.

    If i have any hassles though i'll PM you. Saturday sounds fine for some maintenence work.
  4. Fair enough, it's not really all that difficult to do. Oh and as for chain size according to the Japanese parts site (I use for finding part codes for the Kat) the Spada uses a 428 chain with 132 links (though probably easier to find a 140 link and cut it to size). Factory rear sprocket is a 54 tooth, front is 17 tooth - so obviously someone's changed the ratio at some point (may have also changed the chain size to - apparently it is possible to convert a Spada to a 520 chain).
  5. You got a link for this site??

    i got the numbers from http://www.250cc.info/content/view/13/37/

    so who know where they got their info from....

    although the 51 on the back could explain why i think my bike is under reading the speedo??

    well it needs adjusting anyway, i'll look at now ones if i''m gettig close the the end of the adjustment.... or if the accelleretion is still jerky afterwards
  6. Yep:
    I see the site you linked to refers to the Australian delivered Spadas - quite possible they had different gearing to the Japanese market bikes. Really choice of sprocket size is just going to come down to whether you want good acceleration (but poor fuel economy) or better highway cruising - as long as you make sure the sprockets are the same pitch as the chain. Speedo on the Spada I'm guessing would just be driven off the front wheel - so changing the sprocket ratio shouldn't have any affect. The fact that it's out would just be down to the age of the bike.
  7. i liek the bikes current performance so i'll count the teeth i think

    yep speedo is driven of the front wheel
  8. well the chain is actually within the stated allowances....just!

    so i didn't move it...partly because i don't own a spanner big enough to undo the axle nut.

    chain is starting to look a bit worn though so it's going to be worth investigating prices in the near future.

    heard good things about Chain Gang.
  9. A new 520 RK brand chain cost me $130 here in Ballarat, the DID brand was $150 just to give you an idea, of course a 428 chain might be slightly cheaper. Don't know what fitting would cost though since I did mine myself. Oh and although non o-ring chains are really cheap (only like 30-40 bucks) you'd be best off with an o-ring type.
  10. i looked at the prices on the Chain Gang site

    about 125 each for sprocket and chain. Still got to see if they can do a 132 link chain or if i just get a longer one and remove a few links.

    thats not including the front sprocked though

    found that my "white" wheels are a bloody pain to keep clean........going to need some seriously good "crap" remover and degreaser for these i think.
  11. I just changed both sprockets and chain on mine I cant remember the number of teeth I will see if I can find out but all up it was about $120.00 for front and rear sprocket and oring chain.
  12. I was actually about to post a similar thread!! My Spada has been a bit jerky like that when accelerating and also when going down gears, im pretty sure its the chain and i looked at it and it seems very very lose!!

    As I know nothing about bikes I just ride them for cheap tranport, im wondering if anyone can tighten the chain if they live in or near the melbourne area, please let me know on a PM,

    Cheers Ben