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Chain adjustment

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by music, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hi guys a quick question about chains.
    Today I adjusted my chain, and before I did I noticed that it was far too tight..

    When I tried to loosen it off, the slack on the top half of the chain was so loose it was touching the swingarm when the slack at the bottom was close to the right measurements. So I moved the chain along a tooth so that most of the slack was at the bottom of the chain rather than at the top. Is that the right thing to to?

    I'd rather not crash or breakdown before my first exam tomorrow or something :S

    also out of curiosity, if you can answer this too :)

    I'm thinking the shop did this, and it may have been a factor in that twice now, when the bike has been cranked over in a turn, the back wheel has decided it's had enough for no obvious reason(thank Christ it regained traction quick and I didn't highside). At the time, I was going for a rather spirited ride, and I thought that must have been it, but now I'm thinking that maybe the chain was so tight with the suspension compressed in the turn, that it may have had a role somehow- maybe not allowing the wheel anymore suspension travel? I lost the rear under acceleration both times, and it was dry and the acceleration was reasonably light(and its a 250... so I'm not sure it CAN spin up the rear..)
  2. Your manual will tell you how to adjust the chain.

    If you can lift the chain off the rear sprocket, then your chain is shot. You will need new sprockets and chains. Allow $350.

    Adjusting chains is basic bike mechanics 101. You'd have to have been at a seriously crap shop for them to mess that up.

    As for the other issue, how old are your tyres?
  3. tyres are about 4,000km old, and they aren't square or anything. (other possible factor is the shitty road surface i was on. Its just that this doesn't happen often, and the second time I wasn't really pushing hard or anything)

    Chain is fine & so are the sprokets -I loosened the back wheel axel nut or whatever its called.. and pushed the wheel right in as far as the adjustment would allowed to squeeze the chain along a tooth. I then re-adjusted the chain and tightened the axel again. I'm mainly wondering if its now to tight at the top or something? I just took it for a ride, and it seems okay.
  4. I think your getting a little confused here. The front sprocket moves freely while your bike is in neutral (was it?), so tension up the top will be more or less the same as down the bottom.

    Its not possible to tighten one or the other moreso. Chain tension is measured from the bottom, by testing the amount of slack when you move it up and down. Usually approx 25mm of play is about right, but as mentioned consult your manual for a more specific figure to your bike.
  5. Ahh, you are right. whoops
    I'm, still getting the hang of this bear with me. :S
  6. Where's your manual?
  7. Have it, adjusted chain to its specs- and it definitely was too tight before.
    im just a noob and should have had it in neutral when i was adjusting lol
  8. Through mistakes, trial and error, we learn. Good on you.
  9. :newb:
    Thanks for you patience. I'm gonna attempt an oil & oil filter change soon too. But i have been reading and reading so hopefully all will be well with that too.
    thanks again :)
  10. Reading!! It's the '00's mate, youtube it :p