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Chain adjustment without a stand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mewnz, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Is this possible? Cleaning my chain this morning realised there is a lot of slack. I don't have a stand or blocks of wood to use as a prop etc, so can I adjust by loosening the bolts and moving the bike forward (across the ground)?

    I don't mind if it's a tedious process or whatever :]


    Edit - Bike is a vtr250, if that matters at all.
  2. look in the manual

    follow the instructions


  3. First instruction in the manual is 'support the vehicle with a side stand'.
  4. The extra 50hp you got from removing the side stand looks to be worth the effort now? :)
  5. Was reading side stand as rear stand, gogo gadget eyes. Thanks mate.
  6. haha champion, oh well, least you can do it now.

    I thought you were one of those "fully sik" VTR250/CBR250RR owners who remove shit to "lighten" the bike and "beat the 1 litre bikes" on the twisties.

    Good luck!
  7. how the fook do you park your bike then? :? :LOL:
  8. You lie it down to have a nap. It'll go much faster after a good rest.
  9. Of course you can bloody adjust it without a stand! The manual is - like all manuals - written by a drunk who never moves out of his fully equipped workshop.
    You may not be able to adjust it millimetre perfect this way, but you can tighten it. Just don't go too tight, eh?
  10. The nut is on there like a fat kid on a snickers bar at the moment, so no adjusting has been done as of yet ]:
  11. Ummn, am I missing something: you can adjust the chain with just the sidestand. Might be easier with a centrestand, but it's not essential.

    Don't loosen the big nut off too ridiculously, just needs to be a little bit loose so the thing can slide a bit. Assuming the thing is equal on both sides, count the "flats" of the nut and do equally on both sides in small amounts.

    When you're doing it up only move the wrench from around 2am to 4am (looking at the nut from the side of the bike). That way you're not risking the wheel moving.