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Chain adjustment bolt broke off

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    See pics for short. Then read on... uploadfromtaptalk1359976402603.

    Noticed today that the nut that secures the adjustment nut was missing (so 1 instead of 2).

    That was suspicious.
    Went to a friend and found one with the same thread.
    Adjusted the chain and noticed extremely uneven wear and relatively loose axel nut on the left side.

    Double weird.

    Ok. Maybe chain/sprocket are close to the end of the life, I thought.

    Thus started to secure the nuts and then the bolt broke off.

    fcuk, fcuk, fcuk.

    What will it take to fix it?
    Is the bike still safe to ride? (Prob not really). But maybe at least to the dealer to argue about warranty.

    Did 12k service at the end of Dec at PS (former Geoff Taylor). Now on 15-16k.

    So what now? :(
  2. The bit hats broken off appears to be the lock nut, so I wouldn't ride it like that myself. The stud will need to be replaced is my guess.

    Edit, if the axle nuts are secure it may be ok for the short term, perhaps ring the workshop and ask their opinion.
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  3. Thanks. I'll ring PS (seems to be the closest to me) I guess and will see.
    Any chances it will be a quick fix (as I wait)?
  4. It basically just allows you to move the axle in increments when he axle nuts are loosened, so theoretically if the axle nuts are ok it shouldn't go anywhere. You could take the nut off and put a bit of loktite on the thread, leave the axle nuts tight, as a temporary measure.
  5. Thanks, got it.
    Hope the wheel won't come off tomorrow.

    It is the first time in my life I broke the bolt almost by hands. Can't believe such a shit is on the critical part of the bike.
  6. no biggie...get a new bolt from the local bolt bar...hopefully not a chinese one like honda used..

    if the axle spacer in part #4 is not removable then your stuffed....bend over and take it like a man....honda are going ream your wallet
    ( just so you cry a little longer, part #4 is US$6.55 )

    take the back wheel out, remove adjuster and replace bolt, re-assemble and adjust....done
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  7. Thanks guys for the help.

    Went to a workshop today and talked to the guys.

    It really isn't a biggie. Definitely needs to be fixed, but it's ok to ride.
    Just tightened the axel bold (which was already tight as).

    Guys from PS told they can fix it next service.
    But I'll see, maybe I'll do it myself.

    Thanks one more time.
  8. This type of problem occurs when you try to tighten the bolts up together. It will shear every time. How do i know?, my son did it last week. $50 bucks later and a round trip of 100ks... sorted.