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CH.9 News tonight Sydney, Tex & Bundy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by motoplast, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Ch.9 news interviewed Guy Stanford (chairman MCCNSW) re: new RTA laws banning animals on the fuel tank of Motorcycles effective as of midnight tonight. They then filmed two dogs in a car, properly restrained (which is not law) then filmed Tex & Bundy, showing Bundy's restraint then a shot on Victoria rd. Bundy wouldn't sit still, too much excitement! :LOL: . Anyway it should be on the 6pm news tonight.

    Tex & Bundy
  2. Record + post on youtube anyone?
  3. wasn't on,aye.
  4. I was watching think they may have shelved it due to the axe murderer....
  5. Aaah, Sorry guy's, :oops: the bloody media has let us down again, I was just talking to Guy Stanford on the 'phone, his family has removed all sharp instruments from his reach!! :LOL: .
    Maybe I should have had an Iguana on the tank!! :LOL: What a bloody waste of an afternoon, I had to go to Balmain (From Minchinbury) then home again for that Bullsiht. Oh, well, I haven't given up the fight, the Roads Minister will now cop my wrath.

    Tex & Bundy
  6. Goodonya Tex. You are doing more than anyone, for obvious reasons.
  7. Good luck tex, It will be a sad day to know that bundy wasn't coming to any more coffee night :(
  8. Time to get that Ural Sidecar Tex !

    . . . . someone south of the border reckons so also !
  9. about time you got a decent dog, Micky.
  10. Maybe I should pull my dirt track outfit into the workshop & put lights on it, I know someone who will give me a Blue slip :rofl: .

    Tex & Bundy
  11. Are they going to be running the segment tonight, Tex???
  12. I don't honestly know Ruth, I hope so.

    Tex & Bundy
  13. Missed the news was it on?
  14. Fight on, Tex. We're all behind you. I'm getting a dog soon and had every intention of carrying him with me. I'm gutted!
  15. would relocating the petrol tank a'la buell/across/ct110 prove to be a loophole?
  16. No.
    They have reworded the law to say "between the rider and the handlebars" for this very reason.
  17. So you can't gaffa tape him to the back? Good luck with it all btw!
  18. Well, after reading the rules and the wording, there's nothing to stop the dog going behind the rider. So a large Gearsac, sitting on the seat rather than the rack, with pooch inside would be allowed still.

    Can anyone see a problem with that, legally?
  19. Some politition in Tassie ,has a cool box on the back of his bike which a small dog sits in ..Hes the mayor of a bike friendly town..

    Might not be as fun for Bundy :wink:
  20. Mmmmm, they may try and get him as an illegal pillion.
    His feet can't touch the footpegs.... :p