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CH 7 & 9's pretty little logos

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Phosphur burn anyone?

    CHANNEL 7 and 9's cricket and tennis coverage is burning a lasting impression into plasma screens across Melbourne.

    Angry owners of the expensive digital screens, who have paid up to $6000 for their sets, are considering legal action against the commercial stations.

    They say their TVs are being permanently destroyed because the channels allegedly used static logos, which they claim have burned the symbols into their screens.

    "Your arrogant and bold (logo) bragging are having the opposite effect on your audience," Rye man Wayne Speirs wrote in a letter to both stations.

    "We're very angry."

    Mr Speirs bought the $3000 plasma screen on Christmas Eve.

    It now permanently bears Nine's dot logo in the top right-hand corner -- a legacy of the cricket.

    It was matched by a Channel 7 sport logo last week, which appeared after one day courtesy of the tennis.

    Sports fan Robert Tripodi, of East Keilor, also feels burned.

    His $6000 Pioneer plasma screen has been re-branded with the bright white "Sport" logo used by Seven during the tennis.

    A Seven spokeswoman said screen burn was rare.

    "But if you do experience difficulties of this nature, turning down the contrast on your picture will reduce the problem," she said.
  2. :LOL: ...and turning it off will FIX the problem :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. When I was looking at a Plasma, I asked the sales droid that specific question. I got "nah, its pretty transparent mate, wont burn at all"

    I said, "yeah, you will only end up with a "retty transparent" pice of phoshur burn" before walking out.

    I still love my 100HZ Sony CRT :)

  4. Plasma panels use phosphor, like CRTs, so the same precautions need to be taken to avoid image burn-in.
    The first 200hours are the worst for plasmas but keeping the contrast under 50% and running screen wash cycles usually solve all ghosting and burn in issues.
    Then again reading the little book that came with it and using your brain also helps!
  5. This is unreal, I guess I better stop watching the Adult channel every night now, before I burn the logo in the Plasma and every one finds out. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. LCD is the way to go, when i'm rich thats what i'll be getting. :)
  7. woo-hoo, another Snoopy avatar, Michael!!
  8. Well that's what you get for buying a plasma. Overpriced pieces of .... they are.
    But you cant complain, you can get burn in on LCD aswell ... leave them on enough on your desktop and the task bar stays there all the time :p
    Yeah i don't know what im rambling about anymore ...
  9. If my TV watching habits stay like they are now, it would take me nearly 11 years to clock up that much time :)

    However I can't say the same for the screen I'm staring at right now :(
  10. Same here i average 1 hour of TV a week...... a lot more on the PC though
  11. LOL, I have little sympathy for people spending 6,000 on their TV! But anything that could curb some of the more annoying practices of our TV networks (such as logo branding) has my full support. Sue their asses off!

    Heck, sue the manufacturers while you're at it...
  12. I like the logos in the corner, lets me know what channel is on. I don't use the TV enough to know what channel = what number. Now if only we could sue them for hearing loss from the ads that use insane amounts of audio compression. And the Jamster adds, lets sue them for emotional something something. I hate the commvenience ads too. Infact if they broadcast cricket on the web I wouldn't need a TV.
  13. easy solved bin the plasma and go buy a real tv, a 70inch HD DLP no burn in issues at all:):)
  14. I got a 132cm Samsung Rear Projection TV back in 1998. Back then Plasma wasnt out and it was one of the best TV's on the market. I paid around $7,500 for it and i have it on almost 20 hours a day. I just leave it on when going to work, as well as when i goto bed. To this day, i havent had to replace any picture tubes or have had any burning on the screen. Its the best thing since sliced bread :D
  15. umm, aside from the environmental vandalism, :p , if it's on when you're at work, and on when you're asleep, why do you turn it off for 4 hrs when you're at home and awake?
  16. 4 days is the average time bert newton is on TV a day :LOL:
  17. You will eventually get burn in on a CRT - it just takes longer. I had a whole TAFE classroom full of PCs in pre windows days that had a menu burnt into the screen. In the old days when stations broadcast a test pattern and didn't run 24 hours some TV shops had burn in on their machines left on in the shops. Quite uncommon but it did happen.

    My father at the time was the Qld manager of a national TV repair company and they would take a call every few weeks about a burn in...

    Actually the thought of a burnt in Bert Newton image is really horrifying... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  18. This reminds me, my TV is on the way out. Looks like I will have to go for a LCD screen.

    Not having researched TV's for quite some time now, I was not sure which one to go for, (plasma vs LCD) but you guys have made up my mind now. Thanks :)
  19. My brother in law spent $6000 on a plasma recently.

    It's a nice teev, but still falls into the more-money-than-sense category as far as I'm concerned.
  20. :LOL: So channel flicking during ad breaks can now be considered "preventative maintenance".