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CFVFR's new addition

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CFVFR, May 29, 2010.

  1. I consider this community part of the family, so I thought I'd share some good news with you all.

    Our daughter Heidi Grace Frewer was born after a 12 hour labour on Weds 26th at 0846at Franga Hospital.

    She is a sister to Lachlan 6 and Oscar 18 months.
    We were not really expecting to conceive so soon after Oscar as it took us almost 2 years to produce him!

    Anyhoo, we are over the moon and she is now home with us since last night. Did well during the night and the boys are besotted with her. Smothering her with kisses at every opportunity!

    Mum is doing well, but will be a while before she attempts any star jumps!

    Without further ado, I'll post some piccys (otherwise it never happened!)

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  2. Congrato's mr Cam... that VFR got enough room for 4 pillions?? Might need to move to asia...

    Your advertising AirHawk's now...? :D
  3. Was gonna hang two of them off the pegs!
  4. Congrats to the happy family!
  5. Happy zero'th Birthday to the little 1 :)

    but what a funny name for a hospital lol
  6. Congrats CFVFR !!!! Great news - exciting times !
    Goz, it's Frankston hospital, but as little Johnny himself would say "I like how you think" ;)
  7. Congrats Cam. Might be even harder to get out for a ride now though!
  8. Congrats, Cam, a lovely baby!
  9. Nah.. the missus gave me permission to bugger off to Tassie again (mind you, that was BEFORE we found out about the baby)

  10. Big congrats Cam!! Well done mate :D

    3 down __ to go!!
  11. Congrats Cam. If you get any grief over Tassie remember, Netrider is family and family comes first :LOL:

    Franga Maternity Hospital would be even stranger.
  12. Massive congrats!
    I'm told that the joy their arrival brings is the only thing that exceeds that experienced when they move out of home, well at least that's what my Dad tells me ;). In the mean time bathe in the glow that all your babies bring to your life.
  13. Congratulations, good effort there!
  14. grats cam.

    I thought I saw one of these going past the window!

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  15. She's lovely. Huge congrats! :D
  16. Congratulations!!! Beautiful pics.

    "A newborn babe
    brings light to the house
    warmth to the hearth
    and joy to the soul ..."

    Blessings! :grin:
  17. That is wonderful news cams, congrats to you both =D>
  18. Congrats....... Awsome times ahead.

    Err, about kids leaving home one day?
    Becoming less common, mine will never go.....lol
  19. Please say that isnt true???


    *runs around holding head in hands*