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CFmoto leader weird engine noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by revolvercube, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just recently bought an CFmoto leader 150cc bike as an learner bike and have only clocked about 260k's on it at 200k's it started making their weird knocking sound so i took it to local cfmoto dealer and they said its sounds like a big problem.

    possibly crankshaft/piston and they spoke with CFmoto/mojomotorcycles who advised them i should take it back to the place of purchase.

    Had it checked out at the shop where i got it from and they advised me its an "normal engine characteristic" which i'm having a hard time believing apparently the tapids(sp?)/exhaust combined make this noise and I shouldn't worry about it.

    I'm going to chase up cfmoto and get an 3rd mechanic to check it out it, I'm hoping by attaching a youtube vid I could get some feedback sorry for the crappy quality only had the ipad to record with. also the bike is 2 weeks old today.

    update 1: even after fist service problem persists
    update 2: 29/08 just got an update from racecourse motors cam shaft and rocker arm(s?) damaged valves were overtightened parts not in stock looking at a 2-3 week wait from china.
  2. Hahaha that sounds rightly f/ucked.
    This is what you get for buying chinese...
    The shop where you bought it from is probably just telling you that so they don't have to go through the drama of a warranty claim and the work on the bike.

    Perhaps your valves are too loose and that's what's making the noise?
    Or maybe the piston is contacting the head, which it should NOT be doing. BAD. If so then that means a new engine/top end under warranty.
    And if it's an issue with the crank, then either a repair or a new engine/bottom end under warranty.
  3. I just had a chat with mojomotorcycles and they suggested the same thing, I'll get back to motorino/scooterino and chase them to fix it.
  4. I'd get them to teach you how to do the valves yourself, it's probably really easy on your bike.
  5. if it is a valve thats causing that noise what kind of problem will it cause?
  6. Had 500k service done and they didn't fix anything the tappingr is still there and keep on insisting its a nornal engine characteristics.

    Dropped by racecourse motors in randwick and only turned it on for about 5-10 seconds before they said that's not normal and most likely a valve problem but said it needs to be looked at first.

    Will contact motorino again but I think I might have a chat with the bank and get a charge back on the service cost to get their attention.
  7. I'd say the next step is to talk to the Dept of Fair Trading on your rights and what the correct/most effective way to enforce them is.

    If you exhaust the "normal" channels all I can suggest is give us a few details to ID you for them and lets see if we can get a heap of Netriders to call em and ask why they arent honouring your warranty :demon: .
  8. I've started looking at the consumer, trader and tenancy tribunal and will likely lodge a complaint, I just want to get the bike back from racecourse motors early next week and deal with motorino afterwards,

    racecourse motors have been awesome to deal with so far I regret not getting my bike from them.
  9. What concerns me most is that the motorino mechanic told me a number of times he's had other bikes which exhibit the same noise and they brush it off as "normal engine characteristics" I wonder what kind of damage it could cause.

    I know i've been stubborn and persistent which has lead me to find out that it is a problem but i wonder how many people just blindly believed the mechanic and left it at that.
  10. if they have the same bike doing the same thing, ask for a demo!!
  11. Damnit I was kinda interested in one of these. Keep us up to date. Aside from the rattling, what's it like to ride?
  12. nah the demo one they have isnt doing that its only got 4k's on the clock, the mechanic said other customers but didnt say what brand/model

    the bikes not bad at all but i keep looking to change gears again when I hit about 60kph+ keep looking for a 6th gear.
    As with anything take it for a test ride and see how you like it I'm a big guy 6"1 and about 120Kg and its pulling me along nicely
  13. maybe ask for customers with the same 'noisy' engine and contact them direct? confirm if mechanic is telling the truth, might be tough with privacy laws thoguh.
  14. Yea i doubt i would get that kind of info from them but i also cant pass the possibility that he is also lying about that
  15. just got an update from racecourse motors cam shaft and rocker arm(s?) damaged valves were overtightened parts not in stock looking at a 2-3 week wait from china.
  16. hey revolvercube; my son's thinking of buying one of these cfmoto 150's do you have any update's on how the bike's going and what sort of service you've had from the company/dealers. many thanks nrf61
  17. Its not worth the hassle, i stopped riding for a few months with all the stress and frustrations i got from the bike, only started again about a week ago and now the muffler is rattling like crazy.

    Choofalong was alos looking at getting this but and has spoken with some other owners having the same problems you can have a read here near the end https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=128467&page=2#.TwTzrazztFs post 25-26
  18. Hey, thanks so much for the info on the CFMOTO we ended up taking it for a test ride and the quality just wasn't there. I guess as they say........ you get what you pay for. I'm sorry to hear your woes with the brand are continuing, I hope you can sort it out and ensure you've got a reliable ride. My son's elected to go with an old (well 1993) 250 Virago so we're hopeful it'll hang in there through his L's and P's. thanks again and cheers
  19. indeed, wasn't working at the time and didn't want to waste much of the savings hence the incorrect decision plus having a brand new license you get a bit itchy to get a bike and ride