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CFMoto Leader 150cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 133Caesium, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Hey all

    I'm looking for some advice on an offer I've been made. I'm very new to riding, the only time I've spent on a bike has been in the pre-learner course, but I've done a lot of cycling and driving so I was pretty comfortable.

    For my first bike, I was looking at the Honda CB125e until I got comfortable using it just to get to the shops and the station, probably for about a year or two (after saving up), then if I'm still loving it getting something more powerful. I really like the naked bike look and am not too concerned about it being underpowered.

    I came across this video which made me think about the Leader 150 cc. This thread refers to it as being relatively unknown, as well as underpowered. Three years later what do people think about the bike? Another thread mentioned someone using it as a courier bike and loving it.

    A dealer has offered me helmet/jacket/gloves and a new bike for $3000, which seems pretty reasonable, I'm liking the idea of having new gear with warranty, 2 years on the bike, as well as being the first owner. I also really like the style and colour of the bike (black, naked), though some of that might just be the excitement with the idea of finally owning a bike!

    P.S. saw A yamaha sr400 and thought it was beautiful, but I definitely want to get more experienced (and more money) before heading in that sort of direction.

    PPS can't post links on the first day. Google Tastyhamsandwich cfmoto for the video, thread can be found easily via search.
  2. Mate for $3k get a 2009 ninja 250. Way better bike
  3. I don't often agree with Basejumper, but I agree with Basejumper.

    As a grizzled veteran with decades of experience in fixing, cobbling and bodging less than perfect machinery, I think Chinese bikes, as they stand now, can be a cheap way of having some fun and returning to my roots, but only bought for washers from their disillusioned first owners.

    As a noob, with the budget to buy something better (and $3k can get you a lot better), I think you should. Buy something better, that is.
  4. I'm kinda in the same boat as you as I want to buy new not second hand as I will be putting it on my credit card as I havent saved enough yet and get the 55 days interest free etc. So that rules out buying privately. I also saw both the reviews on the CB and Leader but am leaning towards the Honda even though its a smaller engine. I am in no hurry to get a larger bike until I'm comfortable on this one and my abilities.
  5. 3k on your credit card at 19% interest, you sure that's a good idea ? Specially on a bike that will be worth less than half of that as soon as you drive it out the door.
  6. with 55 days interest free it'll be well paid off by then so its not gonna cost me anything and i get the points. They arent charging extra to pay by card and I also have some savings though not enough to buy a bike provately.
  7. Fair enough, you can still buy a second hand bike on a credit card from a dealer though. Have you thought about why they are giving you all this stuff including no fees on the card ? Hey, do whatever you want its your money, you don't need my permission. People have told you what they think, do whatever with it.
  8. I've been checking out bikesales, Gumtree, and netrider. Struggling to find the recommend ninja 250 or similar for < 2.5k. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards the new bike and gear deal, I know the dealer will be making a bit off it, but for a <$3k budget with gear, how realistic is a 250? Especially since warranty would lower maintainence costs?
  9. If you must have a new bike, go with the Honda CB125. Small and dull though it is, the Honda badge ensures at least some resale value.

    Warranty has zero effect on maintenance costs (aside from ensuring that you must pay professional rates for any work done) unless something goes wrong with the bike. No modern bike should go wrong during the warranty period but the chances of a Chinese one doing so are quite high. The aforementioned Honda, though, probably won't.
  10. Consider a Kwaka GPX250, plenty around for under 3k, much better bike than a 150 chinese shit box. Sell it in a years time and lose bugger all money.