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CFMoto 650NK Naked LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takamii, May 30, 2012.

  1. It looks nice - I like the red frame

    price is cheap $5990 + ORC

    has 2 years / 20000 kms warranty



  2. Might be worth looking at in about 6 years, when they stop making them out of cheese and clotted cream...
  3. Never stopped Hondas selling by the bazillion.

    Until they went a pisstake too far with the VF750 :twisted:.
  4. Interesting that warranty is only 20000km, where are almost every other bike out is 2 years/unlimited km.

    How easy is it to rack up 20000km in under a year.
  5. Seems like its getting good reviews.
  6. So did hyo's...
  7. Very. I do more than that just in commuting if I don't do a FIFO stint.

    I don't buy bike mags much these days, still less those dealing with new bikes. But when I did, in ten years or so of reading everything every month, the number of bad reviews that I remember could be counted on the fingers of one hand. The number of bad reviews due to reliability or build quality issues was even smaller.

    Thing is, journos don't have to live with the bikes they review. They get a nice, new, almost certainly specially prepped, example, thrash it for a week (at most) and hand it back. If it goes wrong, the importers will almost certainly supply a replacement without fuss so there's no waiting around for parts or whatever.

    Then, after the piece is written, the editor will read it, look at where his main revenue stream is coming from and cross out any bits that might upset any advertisers or result in anyone not buying their products.

    Chances of an honest magazine review: pretty much zilch.
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  8. Seems to have pretty good low rpm tractability.
  9. On the subject of the bike, for a 650 for that money, I'd have to at least look at it as a replacement for the DR, alongside just buying another DR. That's on the basis of using it solely as a commuter and regarding it as expendable, which is pretty much how I view the DR.
  10. For the price its either a 125 Honda with bicycle wheels or this. Id take my chances and take the bigger chinese bike :)..........................if I was still on my L's.
  11. I saw a review of it in one of the big magazines, they had positives things to say, although quality wise, only time will tell. But they were happy with in besides
  12. I saw one of these in the flesh at last Saturday morning practice in Melbourne....

    It looks the business - seemed to handle well at low speed...I guess only time will tell.
  13. I'm really curious about this bike. Do you know when and where I can see this bike in the Sydney area? Mailed them but have not yet got a response.
  14. Release date is early June. They are ramping up the advertising on their Facebook page. I'm very keen to get one. Hopefully the dealer gets some soon!
  15. I have a feeling it will sell very well based on price point looks injected power etc

    Magelli and Hyo are going to see their sales drop dramatically I believe

    If I was on my L's or P's again I would look at it very very seriously
  16. So, who's going to be the first netrider to review this bike for us? Would be great if a couple of more experienced riders had a go, especially if they could compare it to their memories of their LAMS bike.
  17. 20,000 klm warranty just lost me big time.

    had taken an interest earlier.
    but the way i read that is an expiry date on a disposable bike.
  18. About right though my hyo was great for 24000kms
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  19. Hmmm... I need to work on my parking technique.