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CFA recruits

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by damien613, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I thought this question may be relevant to other members on here seeing as it seems a career as a Fire Fighter, be it CFA or MFB is such a sort after career and so many people go for either or both successfully and unsuccessfully all year round...

    I have tried my luck with MFB and twice over failed the opening exam each by such a small margin, and each time a different section has screwed me over by a question or 2 so I am now trying my luck with the CFA!

    My initial application has been accepted and I've been invited to do a beep test in 2 weeks time. Being a triathlete, sprint distance through to half ironman and have practiced the beep test I can comfortably and very easily reach the required level 9.6.

    Have any other members on here applied for the CFA and gone through any process? Successful / Unsuccessful? What processes generally do CFA go through as so far the whole thing has been completely different and in my opinion alot better than the MFB process.
  2. MFB will be much harder to join, due to a lot of competition as it's a sought after job.

    CFA is easier because they want volunteers. I started the process to join the CFA but after a few initial meetings I didn't feel I could make the commitment, as I couldn't be positive I'd always be in the area when needed.

    If it's a career you are after you might want to go do a fire management/prep course and have a go at MFB again. CFA is 99% volunteers. ;)
  3. Check out CFA Stream- lots of info there
  4. I'm not joining to become a Volunteer, I'm going for a Career as a Fire Fighter. CFA employ perms at select stations throughout Victoria.

    Yes CFA is majorly Volunteer based, but for your reason of not being able to commit is why they do require Permanent firies at specific stations. I can imagine the every day joe blow volunteer who works a 9 - 5 job is not going to wake up at 4 in the morning for a house fire, hence why the perms are at the station ready!

    The pay is the same as an MFB fire fighter and also shifts are the same as an MFB fire fighter (4 days on 4 days off etc)

    If the CFA process confused you, perhaps you should look into it mate if you're looking at becoming a fire fighter.

    MFB will be glad to take anyones $75 to sit the exams, however CFA dont take any $$ off you, and wont waste anyones time if they dont think you are suited to the job from the start. It's a job application type situation where they assess your resume and go from there...
  5. you would be surprised, i know the Scoresby Fire Station their perm finishes at 5 or 6pm and then from then on it's only the vols that show up and run it through till morning and that station is one of the busy one in the S.E. how do i know because flatmate was always running out the door, with pager in hand =D>
  6. thats odd... taken from CFA website hours should be such as:
    "Firefighters on a rotating shift work a 10/14 shift roster. Two day shifts, in a row, from 8am – 6pm (10 hours) followed by two night shifts, in a row, from 6pm – 8am (14 hours) followed by fours days off."

    I was talking to my old man who is a volunteer and he said there are certain fires that get palmed off to volunteers, ie. abit of an elitest thing going on where the perms cant be bothered I guess you could say with certain fires so thats where the volunteers will have their pagers going off.

    either way especially scoresby station as you mentioned being quite busy, it is listed as station that can be selected for perms so should work as the same hours as listed.
  7. I have actually been through the process with CFA and got down to the final interview, early last year i think...or maybe the year before, I cant remember to be honest.
    The CFA process is pretty good, they dont waste your time at all and so long as you meet the requirements you will get to the final interview.I think from memory I sent the application, did the beep test and also had to do some push ups after that. Then I a month later or so I sat a test similar to to MFB one and also did a psychological evaluation. A few weeks later I had to do a rescue course which involved getting a "victim" out of a helicopter they have in the paddock and carrying him to safety over a few obstacles...probably about 400 metres i think, then on the same day a physical course which included climbing ladders, pulling a hose, dragging a dummy etc, crawling through holes all in full uniform. Then the final interview. It is actually a quick process and as I said so long as you pass each section you get to the final interview
    you are spot on with the hours, they do a 10/14 shift. I suggest you go to your local CFA and have a chat to the blokes there, I did and the knowledge they give you really helps. you will find that they are pretty helpful and will talk you through the trucks they have and all the gear and what being a fire fighter actually involves.
    If its what you really want to do and you dont get in, then dont give up - reapply. I heard from a few CFA blokes I spoke too that it is dufficult to get in first shot and you stand more chance second time around...dont know if thats true though.
    good luck :)
  8. I went for the MFB 2 years ago. Had I passed the beep test, I would have got in. I passed the medical, the fire fighters physical test, the written test, the group assessment, and the psyc.

    I wish I was fitter. I got 9.0 and didn't make it to 9.1 :( 9.6 is required for both CFA/MFB.

    I'm tempted to try for the CFA, but not sure if I wanna do it just yet. I need to do some more physical training. I want to be sure I'll get the 9.6, cause it's alot of stuff to go through to get to the final interview...

    Oh, and I've been a volunteer with CFA for over 5 years. All the brigades down here are volunteer, although I can see Torquay getting some perms in late 2010 early 2011 I believe.
  9. The interest has been in the back of my mind for a while now, along with army/airforce/navy.

    Be interesting to hear your future/others experiences
  10. It is an excellent career choice of you are lucky enough to be selected. The CFA process seems a little bit more streamlined than the MFB version but will be just as demanding come final interview time. Do not think getting to the final interview means you are home and hosed so to speak. The final interview will by far the hardest step, and you had better be prepared or they will see right through you.

    Some tips for the final interview.

    Wear a suit. Get a haircut. Have a shave. No moes, side burns or goaties. Polish your shoes!!!

    Know the CFA/MFB organisation inside and out. This includes rank, structure, community and cultural diversity programs, further/specialist training programs for firefighters. Study, study and study some more and even speak to some newish fireys at a bigger zone station if you can for the most recent up-to-date advice.

    Know the rotating shift system and how you will manage shift work.

    Know what extra/original skills YOU can bring to the job.

    There may be some questions regarding dealing with Volunteers that would not crop up in the MFB interview.

    Similarly there may be some questions regarding being an EMR First Responder and programs that the MFB will ask that may not crop up in the CFA interview.

    Be aware of how you may deal with a stressfull situation and the support programs that the Brigade has in place to manage these stresses. Do not Bull$hit them with how brave and tough you think you are. These bosses have drank more beer, screwed more woman and seen more stuff than you.

    They will examine your driving record with a magnifying glass, so come clean with whatever you have done and don't be a sook and blame a $hitty cop for loosing your ticket.

    What you answer in the physc test will come back to haunt you but just answer as best you can.

    Thats all I can think off at the moment. Some more may come back to me, but it's been a couple of years now.

    Best of all, good luck with it. If your are lucky enough to pull it off, its one of the best jobs in the world.

    Edit: I forgot teamwork. They love teamwork!!
  11. well stage 1 completed and passed.

    it's amazing how many people apply to become a fire fighter, yet clearly are "just there". ie. not prepared, dont give a **** and do not have the drive to get through an easy beep test. of the 7 in my group only 3 of us passed... one behemoth failing at stage 2 and another cocky guy failing at 6!

    it was a great feeling to pass.

    my next step is off to fiskville in march for a 4hr session including job q & a, physical fitness test incorporating height challenges and claustrophobia challenges, and than a aptitude test... looking forward to it!
  12. Well done damien613, I was just wondering when you did your beep test? and is that all you did on the day?
    Also when did you put in your application? I have applied also and just wondering on a few things.
  13. I applied early september I think?? I than received a letter shortly after that saying my application and resume had accepted and I'd hear back from them with my next step in the coming weeks...

    I than got sent a letter with proposed dates of the beep test in which I grabbed the first one december 21st.

    I only had to do the beep test, but I think some get sent to fiskville to do the beep test and some other physical tests?? mine was in nunawading community centre.

    from the beep test I did those who passed booked in a date for the next stage which for me is march 3.

    good luck with your application mate!
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    CFA Recruitment Beep Test Sample

    CFA Recruits Challenge Test

    Becoming a Recruit Firefighter (1 of 3)

    The Recruits (1 of 8)
    "Life in the Real World". 8 part series following a course of CFA career firefighter recruits on their 16-week course at CFA Training College, Fiskville, Victoria, Australia.

  15. ok but do you think i might have put in my application too late i put it in mid november, i hope i did not leave it too late!
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    thanks for those links goz, I'd seen the 8 part series but hadn't seen the challenge test one... which I think is what I have next!!

    much appreciated, very helpfull!
  17. I can elaborate on what Stewy was saying, as I'm the flatmate he was talking about.

    Scoresby is the exception to the rule when it comes to the career firefighter staff. Scoresby has 1 paid firefighter working day shift (8am to 6pm) Monday to Friday. Even with that firefighter there they still rely upon full response from Volunteers at all times day and night.

    If you manage to get into the CFA as a career firefighter, you will not be able to be posted to Scoresby station until you reach the rank of Leading Firefighter.

    Good luck with the remaining parts of the entry assessment.
  18. received my letter to do the beep test really looking forward to it!!
  19. best of luck with it, let us know how you go....

    if you haven't done much running / cardio based activity I'd highly recommend downloading the beep test and practicing it long before your actual beep test... I always trained above the required level 9.6 to ensure it was all ease... you also learn to pace from the start rather than going too hard which alot did in my group.

    along with practicing the beep test to break up the boring motion of just doing the beep test do fartlek running and some interval stuff just to get your speed / endurance down.

    oh and when is your beep scheduled?
  20. Thanks for the tips mate i have been doing a fair bit of running and exercise i also play football and have done the beep test a number of times so i think ill be fine. The test is on the 16th feb so ive got a bit more time to practice.
    Thanks again for the tips and all the best with your application, ill keep you updated with mine.