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CF Moto leader 150cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by revolvercube, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all, just recently stumbled across this forum and I'm trying to get some information about the CF Moto leader 150, I'm going through the pre learner training next week and I'm looking at a cheap bike to learn on.

    The cf moto seems good for my needs but I'm having a hard time trying to find some reviews/opinions on the bike, the most i can get are websites that are selling them.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. No. Buy a second hand cbr125 before that.

    You can't find reviews because they are uncommon and Chinese, too much hassle for parts for a first bike.
  3. budget doesn't allow it at the moment and i don't know much about bikes let alone used ones i just don't trust them
  4. What is your budget? Without gear.

    Up to you but a second hand CBR I see for about $2.5K to 3K would be better deal. A sachs express would probably be better if you have to buy a new Chinese bike. The CFMoto is just an unknown quantity.

    If you ask nicely around the forum someone might go look at a bike with you, not sure where you are. We all had to learn off someone. Go introduce yourself in "new members" section.
  5. budget is 2-2.5k and about 750 on gear, the quick look I had on the cbr125r most were over 3k.
    The Sachs Express is another bike i'm looking at as well
  6. any older 250 will work,
    for that price maybe an honda spada or any of the 90's bikes. they will be cheaper too as they are older.... but you will find most are reliable as they make similar power with more displacement so they aren't so highly strung and had the guts revved out of them (its a 125 or 150 this will be guaranteed, as they do not have much and you have to rev it just for it to do the speed limit) theres a reason people get rid of the 125cc roadbikes so quick. they are usually bought by new riders who havent ridden before and are clueless on bikes so want a cheap small bike. after a month or two realize that they dont work here in Australia (in sierra leone a 125cc is fine and there everywhere, but they dont go above 60k on sealed roads, i imagine Asia is similar)

    but most of this is my bias opinion
  7. yeah get an old 250, they will be much better than anything new in that price range
  8. $2500 will buy you a decent 250 I just picked up a dr250 with 27000kms for that money.

    The Sachs is the better choice as at least they are more established, I had the Madass, though it wasn't my only bike and I live in the middle of the city, it didn't like going over 80kmh. It was great in traffic, but yeah the metal isn't the best and the electronics had some weird things going on, I lost all lights one day, even though it still was running.

    It's winter there are some real deals out there on used, you probably will get some of those $3k bikes at 2500 if you go in lowballing enough people.
  9. As for second hand bikes I'm not mechanically inclined at all and wouldn't have a idea if a bike is good or bad/worth how much people are asking for it.
    The main reason for the leader/express is just to get through the learner and provisional 1 from what i read about the requirements I wouldn't need to do provisional 2 and the speed isn't an issue 80kph is more then enough

    I was originally looking between the ninja 250r and the cbr250r but decided its better to get a cheaper bike and learn/break that then a more expensive bike, I'll get a much better bike once I'm over the lams requirement
  10. I got a Honda CB250 to thrash around on till I get my experience up. Quite a rare bike too, one of 800 million produced I think??

    I too, wanted to go straight for the 'dream' bike, but I'm glad I went with the old banger first (my CB250, not my wife!) coz you really need to get your road presence experience up. Learn how a bike handles & feels and learn to coordinate the gearing, brakes, throttle etc. You're also more likely to dent/scrape it too whilst you learn so it's more relieving when its an 'older' bike than your dream machine.
  11. Yea I understand the need for a cheaper bike as a starter that's why i decided on something crappier then a ninja/cbr if i get the Sachs or CFmoto i don't expect a resale value and wouldn't really care if i drop it.
  12. It's hard to tell you what sort of reliability and ride you are going to get from the CF Moto. With no reviews and information on built quality, you will be rolling the dice a bit.

    And that's the point people are trying to get across to you. Sure you will be getting a new bike and you will undoubtedly get any issue fixed by warranty should it go wrong, but how many issues will creep up? how long and how often will your bike spend in repair?

    Again, I don't know anything about these bikes, so all the above might not be relevant and you might just be getting an awesome bike for $2k.

    Good luck
  13. Since you seem to be wanting to get the new bike, I will say that you should look at these things before you get it.

    What the warranty covers.
    Where is your dealer? If it does break down how far are you likely to have to tow it.
    What parts they have in stock (ask them) if it breaks down and they have to order parts from China is that going to bother you to not have the bike for the next few weeks.

    You are already aware that you will expect less than 50% resale.

    A lot of people could not deal with the above and hence why people are recommending that you get a second hand 125/250 which might break but will likely only break once. You might be ok with that, just be truthful to yourself and go into the deal with eyes wide open.

    There is a thread on here about the express titled something like "new bike for $1990 not a misprint" search for it you can find some good info.
  14. Thanks for the info, I do want to get as much information as possible and consider all alternatives that's the main reason I'm looking to understand better before I make an jump and regretting it