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CF Moto 150cc Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Undertaker666, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I was killing time today and walked into a motorbike shop and spotted a CF Moto 150cc with a ride away price of $2500.00
    Several weeks ago I purchased a V5 from CF Moto (don't laugh) and now I am looking for something to practice gear/clutch on and then next year I want to purchase a proper cruiser once I get gear changes down pat.
    Any thoughts would be most welcome.
    Thank you,

    PS: how do I thank people in the forum?
  2. The Honda CB125e should be around $2500, Ride away, atm. Despite Dealers advertisding for up to $3000, ride away, the RRP of the machine is $1990. You'd be FAR better off with the Honda, over the CM Moto Leader: this is coming from someone who was pretty interested in the Leader, originally. The lack of spare parts, plus, the unproven reliability of the bikes in general would cause me to steer away.

    On the other hand: Clutch control and such really isn't as bad as it sounds: within an hour of learning stop/starts with ANY LAMS approved bike, and you should be right, in that regard, at least.

    The CB is a Naked/more upright then the Cruiser, so that not quite meet your requirements: if your going for the Cruiser in the long run: I'd just push for the trusty Virago, from Yamaha or the similar model from the other Japanese Companies.

    In regard to the Thanks: you have to get a few more posts up, I think :D
  3. Thanks Choofalong.
    I did have a look at the Honda 125, but being 6'3" and size 12 feet, it looks just a bit too small for me. The problem I have is that as I am saving up for a cruiser next year, I really can't afford to spend too much $$ for a bike at the moment. Hence the looking around the $2 - $2.5k mark.
    Thank you again,
  4. Sorry, Already replied.
  5. Id keep the v5 until you can afford the bike you want.
  6. Those CF150 rattle more than a half a century old MF tractor, I think in qld you can get that CB125 for just over 2k.
  7. Thanks for the feedback all.
    Might have to wait until I get my cruiser next year.
  8. another stay away from cf-moto had nothing but problems with mine, started looking at a proper bike now
  9. Yeah, I have read your previous thread Revolvercube. Will take your advice and the advice of the other members and stay away from this particular bike.
    Thanks again,
  10. I only wish the honda cb125e was out when I was shopping around I'd go with that over any other unknown/trusted brand
    heard a few people got them for about 2.5k
  11. Choofalong mentioned you can get the cb125 for around $2.5k ride away and there is also a nice write up of them in AMCN (18) about them. But I have a feeling it will be a wee bit small for me. Will pop in next week and have a closer look at them.