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C'etait un rendez-vous

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Gromit, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. It features a car rather than a bike, but this is a classic.

    Filmed in 1976, in Paris at dawn. The car's a Ferrari 275GTB, the driver's the film-maker Claude Lelouch. Legendary stuff.

  2. I remember seeing this film, although the driver has never officially been identified (since the driving was all done illegally) the rumour has always been that it was one of the grand-prix drivers of the time. There was a remake done to advertise I think the Nissan 350Z that was shot using special effects/controlled conditions that was a pretty poor attempt at imitating the original.
  3. Link no worky :oops:

    Cheers 8)
  4. Link works fine for me, nice stuff, but I think the revs make it feel like the car is going faster than it actually is.
  5. The low-mounted camera also makes it seem quicker than it really was, too.

    Its still a bloody quick drive through frogland though.
  6. Rumour was that it was Rene Arnoux, who was then a Ferrari works driver.

    It is available as a DVD from here http://www.rendezvousdvd.com/

    Arguments rage about how real the film is, and have since it first came out, but whatever the reality, it's just great fun, and, in my experience of showing the DVD to many people, has more impact the second and third time it's seen.......
  7. Interesting analysis of speeds from the clip here:

  8. DAMN!!! The bloody link doesn't work for me. :(
  9. It's fair dinkum and was made in the early 70's which predates Rene Arnoux a bit.

    I PAID for the DVD when it came out a couple of years ago to replace a crappy 20th generation video copy I had and drag it out for a viewing every so often along with Le Mans which is one of the best motorsport movies ever made.

    The extras on the DVD are good, although the name of the driver is not revealed they do say at one intersection a person was there with a two way radio to warn if traffic was approaching but the radio didn't work :shock:

    All the drive fast through city movies, video's & DVD's are just poor copies of the original Rendezvous in my opinion.

    PS. Love the ending, hope she was worth the effort :wink:

  10. Attractive french chick in the 70's? She had the clap. The guys probably still peeing flames
  11. Claude Lelouch came out a couple of years ago and admitted that he was the driver.

    He also said that the only part of the route that bothered him was the bit where he had to drive through an archway at speed without being able to see what was on the other side. So he got an accomplice with a 2-way radio, the plan being that he'd call Lelouch if there was traffic on the other side of the arch.

    The guy didn't call, Lelouch floored it through the arch, and only later discovered the 2-way wasn't working...
  12. I did find this:

    TorrentSpy link

    For those that have a BitTorrent client...