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Certainly larger than you or I, and it rides a firestorm.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VTRAffair, May 14, 2007.

  1. Very unusual event over the weekend.

    Wife and I had a disagreement. It was accompanied with the usual goings on of a usual married argument. My side of the fence always ends up at the "stuff it i'm going out then!" point of view.

    Had been out on the bike numerous times earlier in the day and it had been parked in the shed for the last 5 hours or so. I throw on my gear, chuck a leg over and hit the starter and... nothing.

    "NOW WHAT THE #%&#!!!!" "FOR #&^#&* SAKE YOU PIECE OF #&*^$ WHY IN THE #*$^#* WON"T YOU #*^$#* START @*#&*@ @#&*^@# ETC...."

    So I pull down the roller door and start stripping off parts. I get to the battery and its flat as a cane toad after a mack truck surprise. Gosh darn it, why is it flat. Not only flat, but warm. well, engine is still warm too, so I guess it must be from that. Off to bunnings for a multimiter and a battery charger.

    But seriously. the keys were out and anyone that rides a storm knows no keys = no power. not even lights or a horn. Keys were inside, so battery must be stuffed.

    Plug in the charger, it says 1 hr at 5 amps to charge the bike battery so I give it an hour.

    11 volts. And it starts. I put the battery on the bench, and leave it over night.

    Next morning, bugger me, 12 volts. It invented electricimity.! eureka??
    So I put it in the bike and leave it for 8 hours to see if something in the bike was draining it.

    $5 if you guess it... yup, 8 hours later, 12.5 volts. More free energies!! I have a magic battery!

    So the bike is not leaking, the battery is not stuffed. it holds charge fine, and it doesn't get warm... There is actually nothing wrong with it at all...

    I guess the moral of my story is that, I was not supposed to go out riding yesterday, and a force greater than any of us saw to it that it was not going to happen. I don't care if anyone thinks im crazy or has a better explanation. I know what I saw, and it was nucking futs.

    I'm not really religious, but man, did I consider taking it back up yesterday... There is something out there watching over us, and it obviously rides a Firestorm...

    "God rides a Firestorm"

    Well mate, consider it a good thing that it prevented you from mounting the bike.

    Who knows what could've happened.
  3. Re: Certainly larger than you or I, and it rides a firestorm

    divine intervention aside, double check your battery wiring, make sure they're tight

    when i bought my prilla, the dipshit dealership mechanic didn't wire it up properly. worked fine most of the time, then the dash would occasionally cut out. followed by the speedo. then the engine. then i had to walk my bike from Toongabbie to Parramatta.

    please, double check your wiring.
  4. Yeah believe me I was looking for any other excuse I could at first. Everything was tight nothing corroded, regulator/rectifier was reading properly, all tight there too. Starter all bolted, everything. I followed the main power loom from head to toe, found nothing. All it took was a charge, and it was back to normal.

    It's impossible to leave power on, I even tried causing water shorts to no avail, and it wasn't wet anyway so couldn't have been that even if I wanted it to be. It drove me nuts for hours, I nearly stripped everything bar the engine from the darn thing.

    Everything was normal.

    I dunno about god riding a firestorm, he always struck me as a cruiser type, but he certainly seems to have some v-twin loving friends.
  5. glad you didn't go riding while pissed off.
    you could have had an owie.
  6. It was probably the "watchimackallit" not running due to the "thingamie" being too loose. They do tighten themselves eventually and thats why you couldnt find it :wink:
    Beer and bourbon will also fix it :LOL:
  7. Deceased mother-in-law?
  8. I'd hazard a guess and say that lead dendrites had grown between two or more of the plates and shorted them out - that would explain both why it was dead and why it was warm. Moving the battery could have caused them to break up which is why it eventually came good. Unlike most mechanical/electrical things lead-acid batteries really can come good if you whack 'em with a hammer.
  9. LOL @ VTRAffair

    I'm bringing my iPod round tonight OK? :grin:
  10. I find it works really good with some people, too! :p
  11. have u ever thought that the lord wanted you to go and sort out things with your wife??? :LOL:
  12. A power greater than you could ever imagine....your own bike knows you better than anyone. You sit on it in provacative positions and touch its hot spot, if i didnt know any better i'd say it was jealous?? :LOL:
  13. It crossed my mind, but if it was him, he was smart enough to break the bike, knowing i'd tear it to pieces.

    Imagine if he had broken the lock on the door so I couldn't leave the house...
  14. I like that idea. It is a gel/acid battery, is that still possible. And if moving it was enough to break them, why wasn't riding it?
  15. Can't think of any reason why a gel battery would be any different. Generally breaking them requires sudden shock more than movement - if it's securely mounted in the bike then that's only going to happen if you drop the bike or crash. Plonking it down on the bench/floor/whatever to hook it up to the charger could have been enough to do it though.
  16. Exact same thing happened to me, aftyer riding 50 km's went to start and the batter had nothing. Went on to ride 300 more kilometres that day and the bike never had a problem again during my ownership.

    People can put it all down to whatever entity died and said what to whom, but I KNOW what it is:

    Dodgy Honda electrics.

    Plain and simple. The reg/rec on hondas is one of the most unreliable components ever fitted to motos IMO, and can give up without warning or signs, and can also come good just as quick.

    Your battery will have been overcharged, perhaps causing sulphation (heating up) and subsequent loss of charge.

    ....or it could have been a divine act from up above, below, or wherever the mythical beast supposedly resides.
  17. lol, sure thing. Be it honda's electrics, or the mad hatters tea party that caused it though, it sure makes for a good story. I wonder what Today Tonight are up to. Maybe they can put my bike in that church at yankalilla where the salt damp looks like the virgin mary.