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certain bikes - image of who would ride it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. something interesting happend yesterday while hovering around the Honda section of a prominant mbike dealer. i saw what i think is a VFR800.

    stunning machine in metallic white. i am not a sport bike rider but this machine was soemthing special.

    there were 2 people looking at it, a lady salesperson and an older lady was there. i assumed that her husband was somewhere in the shop. i temporarliy forgot about it while tending to other things......then i went to the outside in front of the shop, and lo and behold, the white Honda was wheeled out next to me...and the 'older lady' was suited up getting instructions for her New purchase.

    WOW!!! im not saying that its a 'BLOKES' bike, but i just could never imagine her as the owner and rider.

    i suppose its the opposite of a big ballsy harley type rider, rolling up on a vespa.....

    you been surprised with whats come off or got on a bike?
  2. ..I am considering a VFR 800 myself!....

    Plenty of females riding 1000's too!...nothing new to see here!... 8-[
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  3. The previous owner of my current Honda ST1100a was a 45yr old woman. The ad six years ago mentioned only that the owner was a female.

    The surprise being her age, her height of about 160cm and that it took her five years to realize the bike at 300kg was to big for her.
  4. an ex of mine would go to eastern creek track days on her sports bike. After sessions guys would start walking up to chat cuz she was quick, but as soon as she took her helmet off they would instantly turn around and scuttle off :)

    never assume
  5. good on her i say!!! she looked like a very well 'put together' grandmother. i remember going over to suss the bike and commented how stunning it was...little did i know it was hers.

    if i can ever be lured from my suzuki, then it would be a VFR800...what a machine!!!!!!!
  6. Super cool guy like me on a CX500.
  7. I'm upgrading to a VFR800 when I get off my P's in november.

    My understanding is that it's basically the Camry of bikes: Capable in all areas but nothing special in any particular area.
  8. But the camry of bikes is still a lot more exciting than the car version. Plus they look good. Camrys on the other hand...
  9. Your 1950's is showing.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa

  10. no way. i thinks it fantastic. you always see the the OLDER guys riding and thier other halves on the back.

    this granny was saying to the world...catch me if you can!!!!

    go you good thing.
  11. I think people were surprised by me getting off this (Yes, this colour):


    Wife and I owned it for better part of 2 years. At 6"1 with handlebar mustache people usually looked twice.
  12. Heathermac on here rides a Kwaka 750.

    I also ride with a girl who rides a XX 1100 Blackbird,

    And there are plenty of other older women who ride big bikes.

    And they ride exceptionally well.
  13. AussieRobin, I'd look twice too if your wife was 6 foot with a handlebar moustache.
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  14. was she hot ? - Goz likes em with experience
  15. i have to be respectful to my fiance when answering this. she is on this forum too.

    lets put it this way......at no stage in her life would she have NOT attacted the males species.

    i think ladies (old or young) with big grunt bikes is a telling the mbike community...'watch out!!!!' and i think that is fantastic.

    this lady in particular could easily be pictured reading bed time stories to her grandchildren. so unassuming.
  16. i was out riding about 2-3 weeks ago come up on this group of riders 4 of them on gsxr1000 , one on a duacti street figther (i think) and last but not least one on a monsters so followed them for about 20km's doing mostly 150k's on road that are some of the wrost i have ever ridden at some stages there are pot holes that cover the whole road so you know keep following them then there pulled over in to a little town see how i was not in a rush thought i would go have a chat to them when i pulled up turns out ever one expert the monster rider where females in there 40-60 (monster rider was a smoking hot chick aged 19)
  17. Certain bikes - image of who would ride it?
    hmmmmm....let me explain.

  18. I was more talking about your surprise about it. Besides standing up to piss I don't think seeing a woman doing anything would surprise me in the least.
  19. You need to get out more..:):):):)
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  20. They aren't women, in the biological sense. But I won't judge if you're lonely.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa