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Ceramic Coating of Exhausts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with anyone in the melbourne or Geelong area that has experience with Ceramic coating of exhausts and headers?

    Beyond the "imporved looks" there is definately a gain in performance due to improved "controlled" heating of the exhaust gases.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey DuHast.

    Yeah, these are the guys I found. Had a chat with them, about $300 will cover the headers and the cans. So, in real world terms as they ALWAYS find something they forgot about, $350 for:

    - Better finish/look
    - No more polishing again and again and again
    - Improved performance - throttle response
  3. Hey G.

    Yes, I checked them out also. Of the 2, the first is the cheaper by about $50 to $100 dollars for the job.

    If you have any feedback on either in terms of their finish and professionalism, it would be appreciated.

  4. Hey Sir Skuffy,

    I've been thinking of having this done to my exhaust header pipes and HPC was recommended to me by a friend who said that he'll be going there when he buys his next bike (He used to work at Moto One). I don't know how he found out about them. Apart from that I can't say that much about their work.

  5. I worked for a guy that did ceramic coating.

    After talking with him about the product I found that it was all about heat control. For example, you get your pipes coated in it and the theory is that the heat will stay in the pipe, not radiate out.

    The only place I thought of having this treatment was on the head on my MG B because they are known to ping from the poor head design.

    For the look, get it chromed (looks better when they go blue). Want the power look, get some exhaust wrap tape.

    The pipes on my old mans formula ford were coated and the pipes stay as hot and radiate as muchheat as before when they were just chromed. Good thing is the chrome goes and stays blue when its had a workout, the ceramic just stays the same.

    It's your money and I'm not gonna try to tell you what your should do. The coating is ok, but warpping pipes is quicker and cheaper. Depends on the look yu want.
  6. I can vouch for HP Coatings on car parts at least. IMHO if you have the money and are after every bit of performance it is definitely worth it. I've considered looks as secondary and performance as primary and the HPC delivers.... you can get just the outside of pipes done which will help keep heat inside or can get inside and outside done for even more effect.

    You want to keep the heat inside for a few reasons... first theres protecting any parts nearby which may be affected by heat.. not so much of a problem on a stock bike but certainly needs to be considered on a modified car, second is that if you can keep the heat in the pipe then it helps maintain gas velocity and so helps with engine efficiency. Most (if not all) of the V8 supercars use it on the entire exhaust system and i'm told that you could walk up to one after the race and grab the exhaust pipe and its hardly warm on the outside.

    You can look at other options aside from just mainfolds and pipes as well. You can get the combustion chamber in the head coated as well as the crowns of pistons to keep heat in and add to efficiency greatly. HPC also do other coatings that can be very useful such as oil 'philic' and phobic' coatings. So you can coat valve springs and things you want to hold on to oil in the philic coating and coat things you want to shed oil as quickly as possible (like inside of the engine block etc) in the phobic coating.

    I can't say i agree with wrapping pipes being a better idea... the wrap is very expensive and if you aren't riding/ driving every day can hold water which will promote rust.
  7. Performance issues aside - If you have nice chrome pipes and ceramic coat the inside of them they are unlikely to discolour and go blue - this is worth the cost when some pipes for cruisers cost around $1k
  8. As I mentioned earlier, the pipes on my old mans formula ford are coated and I'm affraid I will have to go against what DRMAT said about touching the pipes. I found they got hot slower but once they were they stay hot for a long time, where as if they were not coated, there cold in about 3 minutes.

    End of the day, I think it comes to what you like to spend your $$$'s on.