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Centrelink 'Intensive Activity'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I haven't had a job for a while because of an illness that lasted a few months. (Massive anxiety disorder, now under control)

    The job network people made me undertake an assessment to demonstrate this illness, then granted me a few months reprieve from activities, which I never got.

    To top it off, nobody seems to recognise the off-campus course I am doing (cert IV - small business management) as an 'approved activity'. So now I have to sit through absolute twot like 'how to set a goal', 'presentation for males' and other pre-school lessons that I haven't witnessed since they taught us how to wipe our arses in kindergarten.

    Anyone else had to sit through this unhelpful, patronising crap before and what was your opinion of it?

  2. Did it for 3 days drove me insane and made me find a job on the 4th day just to get out of the stupid 2 week course.
  3. Nup, never been unemployed unless by choice.
  4. Get to tafe instead. They tend to leave you alone if they think you are making some sort of effort.

    Mind, I'm talking from the experience of many years ago. Beofre the current privatised system.
  5. Might be different for others, but I would need to be doing around 15 hours of "study" a week before my "obligations" ease up.

    Of course I would rather just have a job...
  6. I have vague memories of spending a morning asleep with my eyes open when I had to caim the dole for a short while ten years ago. It certainly seemed to be pitched at the lowest common denominator. Mind you, an awfully high proportion of Centrelink's "clients" are the lowest common denominator, so I suppose it's to be expected.

    I also found ridiculous their insistence that I return my Jobseeker's Diary after I'd found a job. Surely the fact that I'd found a job would be regarded by any reasonable person or system as being sufficient proof that I'd been looking? More proof than a bodgily filled in and largely fictional book anyway.........
  7. I've got a mate that works for centrelink, and you have no idea how dumb people can get. Absolutely astonishing.
  8. Haha centrelink's a fun day out. I went there once to see about youth allowance when I was in Tafe a year ago and while standing for an hour in line, watched a weird looking girl with a pram (with a baby inside) and a pair of earphones in her ears get asked to turn her music down. She didn't appreciate that and started swearing like I'd never heard in my life, then turned her music up louder.
  9. I feel your Centrelink pain as my eyes automatically roll and I instinctively cringe with every letter we receive from them. I'd been on newstart for about eight weeks when I started with AusPost and informed them of the dates that I'd be doing my (paid) induction and commencing work, informed my job network agency of same dates but for what ever reason I still got the letters telling me that I'd missed my appointments and had to blah blah blah. Bloody nuisance that they won't recognise your current course too. Bastards.
  10. The Job Services Australia organisations need that for internal compliance. In an audit they need to show that you did what was required, and also need to show that they executed the services they were required to and 'enforced' the tasks they were required to.

    Yep, it's a bit much to expect someone who's no longer with the service anymore to come in and provide the info. But that's the way the contract is set up.

    Edit:hmmm...just realised you were talking about the Centrelink Jobseeker's diary, not the JSA one.
  11. I'm just going thru the process of applying for disability support pension. My psychologist doesn't believe I'm ready to work yet but Centrelink have insisted that I look for work. So far I've been enrolled with an employment agency and have an appointment on Friday to assess my skills.

    I've been a full-time carer for my aged mum for the last 12 months and part-time carer for her since 2003. Dealt with Centrelink on a regular basis. Mum passed away in early February and now Centrelink want all new information - assets, income etc. Bit weird given they've had all this info for a long time.

    Centrelink - slowly stripping people of their dignity for x years.

    Shouldn't complain - some countries dont have social security at all.
  12. Last time I was in there, I am convinced they are total morons, I walked out in disgust at their antics, I am a Tradesman, and the only jobs they have are in totally underpaid sweat shops, DUHHHHH. I am not a Monkey, and I dont work for peanuts,
  13. Glad it's not just me then.

    I'm off for another day of fun and frivolity. Apparently they are going to teach me how to use a pen to write things called 'words', then they are going to stage a mock interview so that I can use these words audibly. Amazing!

  14. I relative of mine was diagnosed with cancer and having chemo - centrelink wouldn't put him on a pension.
  15. There is a review process that they MUST follow.
    They just don't tell people....
    Basically you inform the "desk monkey" that you want the matter reviewed and ask them for a guide / explanation of the process.
    They MUST give it to you. From memory the appeal for review has to be done in writing. The matter is then handed up the chain to a reviewing officer. If they still say no, you can appeal to a panel.
    If your psych says you are not ready, that should go some way to proving your case.
  16. I was just about to start the 60 hours of 'online training' which consisted of 'Explain what your dream job is and why' questions and the like. WTF? All the questions were Prep grade if that. ind you, take a look at the Centrelink line and it does explain ALOT! Most mornings I'd be the only one who's sober. Everyone is either stoned or drunk or both.

    I told the job network chick I was above this sh$t and that it was a complete waste of my time that I could be spending looking for a job. She agreed and cut me some cslcak with the pointless crap.

    I ended up finding a job before I had to do the online training. I would've started begging instead of getting payments than lower myself to completing those retarded 'training' programs'

    I feel your pain OP. Good luck finding a job. Have you considered getting your security licence? Heaps of work out there in security. It sucks but DEFINATELY beats being on the dole.
  17. Pretty sure if youre "seeking active employment" or "doing a course in order to help with employment" and are able to show them (ie paperwork) that youre doing so, they tend to leave you alone
  18. In the absence of minimum wage laws, almost all unemployment is a matter of choice.

    Unemployment - in the "can't find a job" sense - is a consequence of minimum wage laws.
  19. Funny you should mention that, mine only just expired. I promised myself I wouldn't go back to security after a massive brawl in Glenferrie Rd where even the riot police wouldn't get out of their van. At the end of the night I found a bullet and swore that was it for me. You're right though... shit, but beats the dole. ;)

    I just asked the job network people whether my course qualified as an approved activity and their response was 'hmm... we need to see fortnightly evidence that you are actively studying, proof of enrollment isn't enough. As it is an off-campus course, there's no official evidence'. ](*,)

    It's amazing to hear peoples experiences dealing with Centrelink. Especially what Holster said about not supporting someone with cancer. Unbelievable!
  20. Argh.

    I want to do that, but don't have money for the various training/courses. 8-[