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Centre stands

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wanderer, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Probably a really dumb question, however I have never owned a bike with a centre stand and wonder what is the "correct exiting technique" for getting a bike down off one. I test rode a VFR which was on the centre stand and basically rocked it forward while sitting on it to get it off the stand. Is that the way to do it? Or is there a better way because I found it damn hard!!!

  2. You take the bike off the centre stand, and onto the side stand, before getting on.....
  3. No wonder it was bloody hard then!!!!
  4. Yeah, be especially careful of your testicles when playing with the centre stand and straddling your bike... It can be painful.
  5. yep.

    Stand on the left hand side of teh bike.

    Grab the left handle bar with your left hand and with your right hand grab the rear left grab rail or something near there.

    Then just rock the bike forward and wack down the side stand.

    If its taking lots of effort then your technique is wrong. Its doesnt require great amounts of strength just the right motion.
  6. My bike is a bit tall for me, so I find it easier to step up onto the bike while it is on the cetnre stand, start 'er up and all, then just rock my butt forward and it drops down off the stand onto my waiting feet. This works well on a flat surface, but may be a problem if facing up hill.

    To get the bike of the stand without getting on it first, hold both handle bars, with a light touch on the front brake. Put your right foot in front of the centre stand leg nearest you. Rock the bike forward till it is just over the highest position, then catch it with the front brake. The bike is now still stable with three points of contact on the ground. Lower the bike down slowly using the front brake. This allows better control of the decent, and gives no surprises resulting in an embarassing drop, which can happen if you drop it fast without using the front brake. Momentum has a way of doing that. :grin: The bike should end up on its wheels, leaning in toward you, against your hip. Easy to balance. Then just put the side stand down to mount up.

    I found this method second method, recommended by a 20+ year veteran of biking, much better than the quick drop on sloping, uneven, or soft surfaces.

    I use something like Duffman's method to get my bike up onto the cetnre stand, but getting it down that way can mean the bikes leans away from you, which is scary and hard to recover.

  7. My old BMW R60/6 is fitted with a factory option 'RORO' (roll-on roll-off) centre stand for exactly that reason. It has curved 'rockers' on the feet to help out. The previous owner was a 5' nothing woman, who just could not get it off the original stand.
  8. i used to sit on it and push forward on my cbx750 and as soon as she came off i would hold front brakes sort of thing :)
  9. Why do you have to put it on the sidestand before you get on?
  10. Testicles apparently. :blackeye:
  11. mate are we still talking centre stands? :LOL: :LOL:
    my wife would be impressed by your sentiment

    seriously though, thats the method
  12. I like to sit on my VFR when I put it down though as I had an embarrassing drop over because my exhaust pipe deflected the bike from a wooden barrier, although I also faintly wonder if I had been on it that time whether It may have fell over and crushed me anyway

    Vote for sit

    http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum search them and you will find out how to get them up, 1st time scared me so I had an assistant on the other side of the bike.
  13. I also sit on it first before pushing it forward to get off the stand, also using front brake like someone here said. GS goes down easily that way and I'm certain it wont drop away from me.

    But putting it onto the stand is somethin I'm sure I'm doing wrong. I put it on side stand and then holding the centre stand "pedal" with left foot, i pull it backwards by the rear handle with both hands. It's pretty hard, so I assume there must be a better way.
  14. I'm one for sit on the bike.
    the way i did it on my last bike (no c-stand on this one) is
    1) Always have the sidestand down and keep your feet out as outriggers to keep her up "in case"
    2) hold the bars and pull your weight back so that the rear shock compresses slightly and the front wheel is OFF the ground.
    3) then in the half second its compressing the rear spring, grab a fistfull of front brake and push forward on the bars till your over the balance point.
    4) release the brake, put on sidestand..

    or theres the L-B way, have her started and warmed up, sidestand up, put her in first, lean back, slip the clutch GENTLY so its just rolling the rear wheel and she'll come off the stand.

    n.b. i will not be held responsible for any bike drops or for any stationary mono's, though i might be impressed if you've got pictures to go along with it.
  15. I am doing exactly the same. No issues of getting off central stand but found it hard to set it up.

    Will try this technique.
  16. Guys there is a better and easy way to put the bike on centre stand. Refer to any bike's (w/ centre stand) owner's manual. They are all similar in techniques. :eek: :eek:
  17. It's all about technique. To get a bike on a centre stand, use momentum. Stand at the left side of the bike, left hand on left handlebar and right hand on a strong point of teh bike, preferably under the seat area. Somewhere you can lift up on. Bring teh centre stand lever down with your right foot, and stand on it with right foot. Bring the bike back, with left hand pulling handlebar back, right hand pulling back and up, and right foot stopming hard on centrestand. The bike will pop right up if you do this. It should all be one smooth fluid motion.
    It works on my 260 kg bike anyway..........
    Getting the bike off, stand at the side of the bike, sidestand down. Grab left handlebar and side of bike to steady and steer bike. Rock forward and off centre stand. The bike will only travel 30cm tops. Lay over onto side stand and you're done.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I'm also of the 'sitting while destanding' school. I never move a bike when I am off it. I have dropped bikes before doing this.

    I'm lucky that I can easily reach the ground even before its off the stand, so I have no problem just rocking it off the centre stand.

  19. lol@lil

    You could rock a 600cc Motorcrosser off its centrestand, lady :grin:
  20. hehe....I am a long-limbed girl :p