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Centre stands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nalasrob, May 18, 2005.

  1. Well, thought I'd get a centre stand for the trusty old Triumph Sprint RS. I'll just pop down to P.S and pick one up, surely can't be more than 70-80 bucks.

    $314 OMG!

    I was hoping someone could point me to a better priced alternative - non name alternatives, second hand..whatever. I'm not paying that for a H shaped piece of steel with a bolt.

  2. Try one of the wreckers around the place. They might be able to help. However, they would probably be aware of what it costs for a new one and charge accordingly. Try Dandenong Motorcycle Wreckers, (97933758) or Global Motorcylce Wreckers (97935440)
  3. Should've gone the ST!! :p
  4. Extra 2 K for full fairings and another 1/2 inch on the clip ons....couldn't justify it.

    But that same sweet triple engine.....hmmmm....
  5. I payed for mine (to suit a VFR) $140 fiew years ago... I got it from A1 in ringwood.... The same stand will fit a Triumph...
  6. Are you talking about a paddock/race stand?
    The topic is in regard to a centre stand.
  7. My son and I get most of our parts from Metropolitan Motorcycle Wreckers in Sydney, latest buy was a rear seat cowl for an R1, price in Melb. $295.00, price from Sydney including COD $155.00.. Very helpful guys and it will only cost ya a phone call to find out.... 02 9748 7400