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Centre Stand

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RobE, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Now I am a reasonably fit bloke but I can't get my little CB 250 onto the centre stand. The thing just keeps sliding across the garage floor.

    What's the trick, please.

  2. Or in summary, pull up with right hand whilst gripping frame and pull back with left, with bike straight.
  3. From what I remember from my L's(I dont have a centre stand on my bike). Pretty much stand on the center stand with the ball of your foot and dont have to pull on the bike just put your weight on the stand.

    If you;re dragging the center stand I think you might be trying to lift the bike on to the stand and not stepping it on to the stand.

    Hopefully I didnt get anything wrong and confuse you even further. Its been a while since I put a bike on a center stand....
  4. It's all in the leverage. The momentum of moving the bike back a bit helps with your weight on the centre stand foot bar. A bit of a lift at the back also helps. Takes practice and a lot of blue language (at least for me it did)
  5. practice on a slight uphill, with the front wheel up the hill. once you get the motion right its easy
  6. Stand on the centrestand lever part, and while doing that grab under the subframe or rear pillion peg bracket and simultaneously push down with your leg, and up with your hand. I can get the bird on the stand no problem at all using this method.
  7. +1
    80% of the lifting is done by standing on the stand. Only 20% is done by lifting up with your right hand.

    You are standing beside the bike, rather then sitting on it, right?
  8. i've seen a guy lift a bird on to the center stand while on it.... i been trying, but be buggared if i can get it to happen... but its all technique... i started centerstand practise on an old BMW K100RS. each person is different, as some rest the bike on the side stands first and some dont... i'm a dont person... before placing the bike on the center stand.
  9. +1 to both.

    I had heaps of trouble ,but once you seen it done ,you shake your head at how easy it is ,it's all in the tekneek.

    A few points ,to ME that made a difference is ,once you got the center stand down and on the ground with your foot on the lever ....you can still .....push it down "more".
    And lift with your arms stiff and use your body to lift it .
    Push down with your foot ,lift up and back a little.

    Also I had someone on the other side ,just in case and commit ,if you do it half arsed it won't work.
  10. Everyone is saying what I would too.

    1. Right hand on rear pillion handrail, left hand on left pillion footpeg or suitable handhold on the left side of the bike.

    2. Left foot on the center stand, push it to the ground.

    3. Bring the bike up to level, all the time keeping as much pressure as you can on the center stand. You should feet the other foot of the center stand touch the ground and have a good feeling when the bike is balanced on both feet of the stand. Rock it slightly to see if it is.

    4. Brace yourself by pushing the foot on the center stand and bending your back leg, pull your hand grips up and towards yourself while you push as hard as you can with your foot on the center stand. It should pop round under the bike nicely. :)
  11. ok lets get number 1 straight.. right hand where?? i would say where the handle is to lift the bike would be a good start or the left rear set. (pillion foot peg hanger)
    and left hand on the left handle bar.... i've usually got to pull the clutch in to let the bike roll...

    now number 2... as i'm ussually standingon the left side of the bike... my right foot is on the center stand.

    number 3 is spot on.. is best to be certain both feet of the stand are on the ground..

    number 4... just put your body wieght down on teh stand and small effort lifting the bike.... and as long as the clutch is in or its in neutral... will roll back up on to the stand easy as....

    If any one needs a demo.. twwet and myself can show you all how to do it with ease on sunday at the newbies ride in sydney.... with bikes that weigh 250 kg. :cool:
  12. Can't believe a link to a comprehensive topic about this subject was posted and this thread is STILL going! :LOL:

    250 kgs, that's a girls bike! :rofl:

    Come round here and I'll show you how to do it with a 265kg DRY motorcycle.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Every thing about bikes has been coverd ,see the search button.
    There would be nothing else to talk or post about :p .

    Regard Sled. :LOL:
  14. Touche!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Might sound like an old nana with this one, but have you tried putting a rubber mat or piece of carpet under the bike before you try to put the stand down? Might take care of the sliding on the floor bit. And see if both legs of the centre stand are touching the ground before you push with that right leg and roll the bike back a little as you lightly lift the rear... note that I'm a girl and have a GPX!! But I put a CB250 on the stand at rider training. Good luck :grin:
  16. lol with my gpx all i need to do is push down with my body weight on the stand.

    my hands just keep the bike upright until its on the stand
  17. I can do it! :grin:

    Thanks for the input guys.

    The big difference for me was facing the tail while doing all the left-hand, right-hand, foot-on-the-whatsit stuff.

    To those few people who got the hump from seeing the same old topic come up again - sorry, but ... :roll:
  18. :grin: Whoo Hoooo!!!!!!!

    It just takes practice... and a Net Rider audience to cheer you on!!!
  19. Just be careful with your back!

    I was putting the Blackbird onto its center stand yesterday and was probably a little bent over and used my back a bit. Ouch! :cry: I was in pain all day. Seems better today though

    Had to do it again today and kept the back straight and kind of stomped with my foot. Worked much better and no pain :roses: