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Centre-Stand to move bike into tight spots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SmellyTofu, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for something like this where I can put down the centre stand and move the bike into tight spots. My bike is small and light so I don't need a long or super heavy duty thing. Does anyone know where I can get one?


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  2. Haven't seen one but you can get a Crawler Kit for a Sharp rear stand and might get a crawler from other manufacturers. The Sharp is far from cheap. Below ina Mono. Also come in regular configuration with Spools or Flats.
  3. Have you tried lifting and sliding? I park my bike in front of my car and if the car next to it is in the drive way it can be a bit difficult to get in. I've got a 210 kg bike and can manoeuvre it in fairly easily with a little side ways movement of the back wheel. Probably a lot easier than using a dolly.
  4. i watched a guy use a car dolly jack to move his bike...

    it made me laugh so hard, tears were running down my face.... :ROFLMAO:

    it was a Madass
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  5. It's not something I'd want to do every time I want to ride it as that'd discourage me to riding it.

    I saw the ezy2wheel but I'd want to have a way to move the back wheels. There's a seller on Ebay as well but I think that might be a tad too large. I'll try those rear wheel stands with the casters and see how I go. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  6. I've got one similar to the OPs pic - I had it made by an engineering company (customer of mine) & bought the castors from Bunnings (I yhink) - 2 castors have brakes & the other 2 don't - need the brakes to get the bike off the centre stand otherwise the dolly just rolls forward. I park my bike in front of my car - against a wall and in an opening just about the same length as the bike. The dolly is great. It's made of 6mm or so steel plate. You need to get the platform where the centre stand sits as close to the ground as you can, otherwise it gets really hard to get the bike onto the centre stand. You also need to be a bit careful when pushing the bike forward while it's on the dolly, so it doesn't come off the stand. I can take some pics if you want.
  7. get it close to where you're going, tilt the bike over so it's just sitting on the side stand, then rotate as you please :) works like a charm.
  8. Never used one in my life, or thought the need to have one, and we pack em in pretty tight in the bike shops at the end of the day. With two good wheels and a side stand to pivot on..... I would spend the money on beer and look at a better way of doing it
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    Isn't that the most pointless accessory ever? I can maneuver a motorcycle as they do in the clip just by lifting the side stand up. If I'm worried about dropping the bike, then I'll just get on it and maneuver it from above. I'd reckon I'd be far more likely to drop a bike by putting the side stand down on a moving surface and then expecting it to take the weight as I push the bike around. If one of those small wheels gets caught on something as I move the bike forward, what's going to happen?
  10. It's like something someone who would buy a Mac would buy.....:shock::beating: here we go