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Central NSW Loop Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by seweraider, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I've got 3 weeks off work coming up in September and I've been considering doing a nice big long ride. I've done sydney to newcastle, and sydney to lithgow before and loved it but I'm considering something a bit grander.

    I've been looking at routes and I'd love to do Sydney to Broken Hill via the snowys, I'd be looking at staying at hostels/motels/pubs where possible but I'm open to pitching a tent if need be.
    This is the route I've been looking at:


    The big worries are fuel, road quality and weather.
    I'll be riding a CB400 which goes 240km/18L, even out there I should be ok with fuel, but I'm considering taking a small 5L jerry anyway. From what I've been able to piece together on google maps the route I've chosen is all sealed roads, weather wise I'm not to fussed about rain , I've ridden plenty of times in the rain commuting but touring would probably be much much different.

    So is this a little too ambitious/ crazy? I've chosen a route which, If need be I can cut it short and head back home if need be.
  2. change your sprockets so you can cruise better, swap them back when finish and save them for your next big trip.
  3. I rode my CB400 to Melb and back earlier this year. No need to change sprockets in my opinion.

    Route looks good, but I'd suggest going via bells line of road.

    Your fuel economy seems pretty bad. I get 280-300km from about 14L and that's just commuting. What fuel are you using? How heavy are you? what rev range are you riding in?

    What are you doing for luggage?

    For my one week trip I just used a tank bag and a tail bag. It seemed just right. I wasn't camping though.
  4. I've been experimenting with different fuels, i usually use the standard 95 octane. I've never pushed the bike beyond the last fuel marker, yesterday i noticed that filling the tank from there was only 10.7L, so assuming the specs are right there was another 7.3L still in the tank. Luggage wise I was just going to take a ventura 51L back, smallish (10-15L) tank bag and a normal sized backpack. My tent and sleeping bag are tiny so it shouldn't be an issue.
  5. Th road through Sasafrass is gravel. Google street view is your friend. Check with Hornet, the Netrider Shire Guru. :) I think Cooma to Braidwood is gravel in parts also. You need to research a bit more and put together a more detailed route.

    The Snowys will be cold in September and you'd need to be on your game to tackle the Alpine Way.
  6. http://bonzle.com/c/a

    type in the road you want info on, it will tell you lots about the topography and whether or not its gravel etc.

    Very very useful.
  7. Sweet thanks for the link.
    Yeah I was looking at braidwood on streetview earlier so I'll need to do a fair bit of altering with the route. I've got some pretty decent cold weather gear and for the snowies portion I'll definitely be hosteling/moteling it up rather then camping.
  8. I recommend the YHA at Thredbo, cheap and excellent facilities. They even let you park your bike in an area up near the front door, instead of down in the common car park with the cages! We used the drying room (in March) to dry out all our gear after riding in heavy rain all day. Book early as it's very popular.
  9. Based on your route seweraider, does anyone know if the stretch of road from Nowra to Braidwood is 100% sealed road? (the bonzle directory doesn't state when it was last updated)
  10. Yes, check your route for gravel. Road from Ivanhoe to Menindee is all dirt and can include bulldust holes, long stretches of sand, corrugations and you wouldn't want to know about it in the wet. Tar route is Hay - Mildura and the Silver City Hwy to Broken Hill.

    Have fun.
  11. Does anyone know if the road from Nowra to Braidwood is 100% sealed?
    Here is a link to the route http://g.co/maps/2kxw6 , the roads covered are: Braidwood Rd > Turpentine Rd > Nerriga Rd

    I've looked the roads up on http://bonzle.com/c/a however Nerriga Rd is not listed and for Turpentine Rd it says is not sealed in places however I'm not sure how up to date the information is. Can anyone help?