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Central Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by wizzardofaus, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Gotta give these guys a plug...

    The story starts like this. I've been playing with the BSA for the last couple of months with a mechanic mate to try to get it running. Well, we've done lots of good stuff to it, including replacing lots of non-genuine parts with genuine parts, but the blasted thing just wouldn't go! No matter how many bruises we gave ourselves trying to kick start it!!

    So I finally decided I had to get some help. I saw Central Motorcycles advertising old british bikes in the trading post, so decided to drop in while shopping nearby to sound them out about them doing the repairs.

    Now, we haven't got much time until we leave for interstate, so I really needed some help quick smart.

    It turned out the boss at Central Motorcycles was about to go to America for several weeks and just did not have time to do anything but we managed to get him to agree to look at it and give us a quote for how much it might cost and to tell us exactly what was wrong with it. Great!!

    We turned up a couple of days later with bike on trailer and he looked at it, saw it had compression and said he'd get it working that day!!! Went back the next morning,and it roars like a little beast!

    It only cost about $200 and he had to make a part for the braker plate on his lathe. He also did a RWC and gave us the list of things that needed fixing and spent the time to explain how I could do each item myself, as his estimate for how much it would cost for them to do it was a bit more than we were hoping for, simply because of hours that would have to be spent on some of the items.

    Greg (the Boss) was friendly and extremely helpful. He squeezed us in, even though he didn't really have the time, I think just because he realised how desperate we were. And for the women out there, both the guys we spoke to there were very female-friendly. They talked to my girlfriend and myself equally about the bike, assuming she knew as much as I do about it.

    Just wanted to say these guys are great.

    They actually normally do Jap bikes, but Greg has a British bike love of his own so he just knows them so well from many years of owning them. And if anyone likes a perve on some beautiful bikes, it's worth a pop in just for that.

    Their address is 259 Huntingdale Rd, Huntingdale, phone 9540 0866.


  2. Yup, I'd agree with that too. Used to live just down from the road from them and although I had little reason to visit, on the few occassions I did they were always great and very helpful.