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Central Coastal NSW GS500 riders wanted

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mister, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. If you live say, around Forster or anywhere north up to say Grafton - maybe even inland like Glen Innes, Armidale, Tamworth - then I'd like to hear from you for a little GS500 Project we have got going on. Passing an object - lets call it a Baton - from one GS500 rider to another.

    So the one with the Baton rides and meets the next rider. Stop for a chat, lunch, coffee, whatever, pass the baton on. Then the baton holder arranges with the next person to meet up - not the same day, but when mutual free time allows.

    So far, we have riders ready from Brisbane down to Hobart, Bathurst and Darwin. We just need someone or a couple of someones for the Coffs and south area.

  2. Hi Mister,

    I haven't got a GS500 - would a CB400 be close enough?