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central coast noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by duckit, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. jst a quik intro after joining forum.
    up on the nsw central coast. had my Ls nearly 15 yrs ago but never went on with it. I guess thats hinting my age a lil. well never bought a bike that time round and was really jst 2 deliver pizzas on a dominos posty anyways... ahh the memories. well this time round I bought a '11 kwaka ex250r, completely stock, and luvn every min so far. thought I would hav a look online 2 see if there any cruises or the like organised online as I dont hav many mates that ride and landed here. lookin 4 a few tips on maintenance and decent shops 4 servicing from some of the more experienced riders out there 2. thanx all

  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR duckitduckit :)
  3. thanx mate
  4. Welcome duckit (nearly slipped typing that one whoops ;)!)
    Look for rides on the forum page...might be opportunities to meet halfway like Kulnura etc.
    Few Novocastrians about as well :)
  5. Hi mate how u going. I live in green point. Those kawasakis are easy to work on, I'm happy to maybe show u some maintenance stuff. I ride the old road every few weeks or so, but I'm on a 1000 so might have to meet u at the pie. What suburb u in ?
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Welcome duckit, age is no barrier on here
  8. Welcome to NR.
  9. wow basejumper. jst around the corner @ saratoga. I luv 2 take u up on that offer mate. def need sum tips on maintenance. I kno im due 4 a chain lube. looked @ a cpl utube tutorials & seems straight 4ward. also wanna get an aftermarket exhaust. nuthin loud as I realise I wont be achieving any ducati rumbles but jst to pretty her up & let her breath a lil easier. I kno I need help with tuning the carbies after that tho. done the old road once about 3 weeks ago and luved every min of it. been doin a lil local exploring 2 as I hav only lived up here a lil over 2yrs & even sum of the shorter rides to ettalong & patonga are fun 4 me. let me kno a day or so in advance & def meet up. thanx 4 the offer
  10. thanx all 4 the warm welcome 2. much appreciated
  11. I wouldn't worry about playing with the carby after u change exhaust prob doesn't need it. There are heaps of cheap slip ins on eBay that u could use. Just measure the pipe diameter so u know what size u need. I'll help u put it on, pretty simple job
  12. ye cool wasnt really sure bout tuning & that stuff after I change the pipe. I guess they called slip ons coz thats all u need to do rite. still a cpl weeks away from havn the $ for a decent yoshi or akrapovic. I did see these musari pipes on ebay that were a bit cheaper but havnt heard of the brand b4. I want a nicer noise outa the pipe but wanna keep her reasonably quiet. I started following u, basejumper, & I message u when I get the pipe. If u not busy & actually wanna help that b sweet. In the meantime I kno prolly not that exciting cruisin with a 250 but i b up 4 a cruise weneva u feel u can tolerate an L plater tagging along.
  13. Hi duckitduckit,
    I'm from the Central Coast too :) Always looking for more riding buddies!
  14. Welcome to the forum. See- you've already started making friends!