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Centerstand, Highside and a Collar bone...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bladewar, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Well, crashing isnt as bad as what i thought it would be. :LOL:

    It was late in the afternoon just cleaned the bike and me and the old man took the bikes out, have to blow dry those motorcycles dont ya know :p
    Anyway, all is going fine im leading and the old man is following me through my favorite way to get home (albeit a sort of coastal industrial estate kind of area).
    60kph and a right hand bend turn in, lean it over a little, not pushing hard or anything, and the arse end decides to let go (slippery road surface and there was a socket :shock: on the ground.... )and the bike drops to the inside now ive got a lean angle to rival valentinos "elbow down" technique, with the centerstand biting and spitting out sparks like a rooster tail.
    I stand her up so i dont go over (at this point my right leg is dragging on the ground and my jeans get worne through so i have gravel rash on right hand side of my calf....) and im pointing to the gravel and side of the road
    Lean back into the corner in an attempt to make it around and im back to that lean angle with sparks and flying around and the back end is still sliding then the centerstand decides to have the final say, it bites into the bitumen hardcore and kicks the bike up (back end still sliding) the handlebars she goes into tankslapper mode as it stands up and then over i go to the outside of the corner. Sailing through the air, and finally impersonating a shovel when i hit the deck head and shoulder first. Whilst the bike makes its own way down the road on its left hand side.

    Interesting view watching your steed make its own way whilst your sliding head and shoulder first down the road and into a big friggen puddle...lol

    So from the first slide at just after the apex of the corner till im flying through the air would have been all of maybe 4 seconds.

    Verdict, broken left Collar Bone. for the bike its a broken left hand footpeg and bracket, split in front faring around the headlight and some gravel rash on the left hand side, nothing structural, and left hand muffler got pushed in and skuffed up so needs replacing. and also broke the damn centerstand..
  2. Man, you sure sound chipper! Glad to hear you are alright and at least you are in a good mood.....what pain killers did they give you?
  3. HAH you should have seen how high i was when the ambose gave me that little green inhaler... woah that stuff is top notch.

    but no im always in a good mood. takes a fair bit to put me in a downer. lol
  4. Gee, glad you are OK Bladewar and even better to see you in good spirits :)
    Hope to see you back on the bike soon.
  5. Now that was a bloody entertaining read...felt like I was almost there with you.

    Sorry to hear about your off and the damage done both to you and your wheels.

    Hope its all sorted soon

    Mend well!!!
  6. lol glad you enjoyed the read, i asked the old man optimistically if i went down in spectacular fashion....

    He said..... "it was rather messy really" lmao

    Next time you guys see me will be when im riding again..

    be on the lookout for a Suzuki SV650S k4 model in blue ! ill be the silly suasage in the blue helmet with a black and red dri rider jacket lol... had to replace helmet so i got one to match the new bike lmao..... :LOL:
  7. Damn I hate crashes whether it be me, my mates or even my worst enemy :( Get better soon dude.
  8. Wow blade, sorry to hear your accident. Good writeup though, amazing how slow time really goes when you're in the midst of it.

    Get well soon, and excellent choice in bike and colour :D
  9. So, I believe. Pethedine, isn't it?

    A mate got hurt at work. While tending to him, making him comfortable, etc, the ambo was called. When they got there, one of the officers gave him this thing that looked a bit like a whistle to suck on. He certainly enjoyed it. Give me a shot, I asked. Get stuffed, he said.

    The ambo reckoned that the birds get off on the stuff big time, if you flash one around at a party or nightclub......

    How'd the old man go, when he saw you (presumably) come off? Sometimes the parents suffer more if they see their kids get hurt...

    Anyway, heal well. That's two too many Netriders hurt recently...
  10. i think he took it ok, he's looking at getting a new bike, i have the feeling its goint to be nothing sportier than a cruiser... lol
    he did see it, he said when i tipped in, and all of a sudden sparks were shootin up he just backed off the throttle and just watched it unfold..

    but yeah that whistle,, it kind of tastes how a permanent texta smells.... if that makes any sense,.. i said that to the ambo just before they took me to the hospital, he looked at me as if i was some kind of high as a kite crazy lol
  11. Glad you are ok Bladewar
  12. From one recent crasher to another, heal well bro.
  13. It's stuff called Penthrane a aneasthetic derivative.....wonderful stuff and I hear it makes the guys..um...amourous when they have it! :D

    Hope you heal soon Bladewar...crashing always sucks :?
  14. Dan you better watch out when CBC has her hit
  15. Like she needs any of that :shock: ;) :p
  16. Geez Dan, not the ZZR!!!!!!

    Ah, it was time for it to go anyways.

    Glad you're relatively ok. Take it easy with that shoulder. :)
  17. :shock: Must be except when you've got a broken leg and lying in the back of an Ambulance for a long bumpy ride :roll:
  18. lol kaz, thanks.

    its getting a major revamp, new color, new style.. its gonna look awesome
  19. I wouldn't know. My mate wouldn't share it with me....

  20. Man, sorry to hear about your off. Broken collar bone, bummer.