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Center Stands ( god i missed em )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, May 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all :) ,
    Just thought i'd pass on an old trick i used to do to get that
    incessive tailgattor off your arse :p

    I'd forgot about this one but used to do it way back in the 80/90's
    when most bikes still had a center stand.
    But i resurected it again last thurs night coming home from work, with the expected result hehehehe

    Its simple to do and damn effective in results
    PS: it dont work during daylight hrs :cry:

    At night when you have that di*khead driver that insists on sitting 2mtrs
    from your arse ( you know the type ) as long as you are doing above 40kph *to get the minimum effect*
    Slide your left foot back off the foot peg and onto the center stand foot bracket and push down till it touches the road ( the stand can not get stuck on the road or in a pothole etc as the natural mechanics want to bounce it back up into the *storage position* )
    You only need to make contact with the road surface for about 5 secs ( or longer if you really want to make an impression )
    But i can guarantee that the *tailgator will back off extremly fast a stay back, as the sparks from the stand touching the ground will make him/her think your engine is about to fall out* :twisted:

    Just a pity that the new bikes with only side stands dont give you this option, not to mention the cutout switch on the side stand either
    :? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Hell yeah I had forgotten that one. And the old kat has a centrestand (of course) :)

    Dont some vespas have a centrestand that hinges the other way? Maybe not use this trick if on one of them :)
  3. haha great tip... just wish I had a centre stand now :(

    for those without centre stands you can still install a flame thrower... :LOL:
  4. Not a bad idea Bob!

    /Not that I get tailgated much.

    //Guess I do eat a fair bit of curry.
  5. being the president of the now not so crap wheelie club...you can always just pop a monster mono (Biaggi style) and scrape the ducktail...create sparks and watch jaws drop in amazement at your awesome skills...just dont bin it :grin:
  6. Becouse after all you were being tailgated. So what is always bad, turning the jaw dropping abmiration at your skills into another airing on funniest home video will rapidly become a lot worse.

    Mate of mine years ago was doing a mono while tailgating some guy. The guy saw him in the mirror, paniced and jumped on the brake. :)
  7. That's it, I'm off to the shed to weld some 1/4" plate to the bottom of my stand, sounds cool!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Typhoon dont go adding 1/4 ms plate mate add some titanium plates the sparks are awesome and very very visable in daylight.

    Just think of a magneisum fire at your control.
  9. Awww shit couldnt you put this up yesturday i just took off my centre stand due to a stack which rendered it unstandable :(:( i wanna try that....
  10. :? It's been up since the 21st May... :?