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Center stand

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, May 25, 2006.

  1. So I've bought this cbx750, been riding it about. It's a heavy thing, about 240kg wet. It has a center stand and a side stand

    Now, don't laugh, but..

    .. I don't know how to work the center stand.

    I've tried pushing down on the stand with my foot and pushing back on the bike to roll it on, but all I end up doing is overbalancing. What's the trick?

    Also, if anybody knows how to change the oil in one of these... it's sounding a bit rough and I hear the older ones tend to consume a fair bit.

  2. Are the feet of the centre stand worn? Try putting a thin piece of wood , say 1-2cm, under the stand before trying to pull it on. It's all about leverage.
  3. Dont try and use 'brute force' you'll blow a gaskit :p

    Standing next to the bike ( er der ) :LOL:
    put you right foot on the center stand and lower it till it touches the ground, then holding the LH handlebar towards you ( with your left hand ) and your right hand should be able th grab the assist bar * usually just above the pillion pegs ( sometimes this is hidden from view by the side covers )
    In this possition you'll find you are naturally 'stooped over' then using "leg power only" just stand up.
    The mechanics etc will naturally lift the bike up and over onto the centerstand.
    It may take a few goes to get the right knack but once done you'll see how easy it is.
    hope this helps yah out

  4. Yeah Bob is right.
    What you need to do is get in a position where the left leg is bent so the knee is sort of under the bike then you just straigten the leg. Its the leg wot does it.
  5. What an insanely cool forum and useful answer. I was just outside struggling with my centre stand, came in and saw this post, went back and tried it the VTRBob way and woah! Easy. Thanks for the Q&A.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll try it tonight when I get home.

    I'm not trying it now, while my bike and I will be in full view of an office of attractive, young women eager to watch me make a twit of myself!
  7. my BF's old bike had a centre stand. it was a zzr 250. he tried using brute strength & tore some muscles in his abs area. was off work for 3 days. they he tried the way VTR bob suggested - got it up no probs & couldn't work out how he couldn't before!!

    (unfortunately his new bike has no centre stand. but we did buy a rear wheel lifty thingy!)
  8. we LIKE centre stands. They make flats sort of less of a pain

    And the cat insists that HER kat be parked on the centrestand so she can sleep on the seat without sliding off. Ever had a cat look at you and communicate via telepathy "Put it on the stand you mongrel" ?
  9. Arr go on, ya big wuss, give it a go; what have you go to lose?

    If you get it right, they'll think you're a hero
    If you get it wrong, they probably need a good laugh
    If you hurt yourself, just think of the sympathy..... :LOL:
  10. It's amazing what a cat can communicate by giving you one of those looks, isn't it! :LOL:
  11. OMG That's so funny and yet so very true. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I,m at the GFs atm. Next chance I get will post pics of Kat and cat :)
  13. errr cats - dogs.... mans best friend!
    centre stands are a pain - then again took me a while to work a way out to put the bike on the paddock stand without someone holding the bike for me - 5.00pm i think its time to go home
  14. What others have said is good. I find it also helps to sort of get the bike moving backwards a little as I start the lift, the inertia helps get the bike up and over the pivot point on teh bike.
    Also, use your leg muscles ratehr than trying to use arms and shoulders.
    The GTR weighs 260kgs, so I need all teh technique I can muster!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Hi Mipearson

    I think centre stands are useless on non-flat, non-bitumen, non-concrete

    My suggestion is to unbolt your centre-stand, and turn your bike into a
    230kg (wet) bike.

  16. if your ON the bike, get off. put side stand down.
    place right hand under rear frame or handle it should have 1. Left hand on left handlebar
    put right foot on centrestand lever apply weight
    as you apply weight to the stand the bike will stand up
    use your knee to help balance the bike.

    unsteady, try it with a friend or family member on the other side of bike.
  17. I dunno, my centrestands make maintenence so much easier. I park my bike in the driveway on the centre stand, quite a slope. It's not going anywhere in gear on the centre stand.
    I doubt the stand weighs more than two kilos with associated springs etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Hmm, no good. I'll hopefully be along to Southbank tonight if anybody's willing to give me a hands-on demonstration.

    Entirely possible the center stand is cactus - the previous owner tells me she never had any luck with it.

    Mainly want to work the centre stand so I can do maintenance on the bike.
  19. Not as dumb a statement as it sounds. I've seen people trying to get the bike on the centre stand whilst standing over the back.

    They call that move the nut cracker.
  20. Tried everything suggested here, and also following exactly what my manual says, still can't get the damn stand up. Very frustrating, and now I'm very sore. ARGG!