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Center Stand irritating my chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. For some reason my chain is rubbing on my centerstand.

    When i got the bike, it was a little bent inward from a previous stack.

    I've tightened the chain a bit, it was clearing, but i think my chain stretched a bit more and it's rubbing again.

    Anyway, i don't want to just tighten and stretch my chain.

    I need to bend the centerstand outwards slightly, but i don't have the tools to do it.
    I'd just need an oxywelder to heat the metal slightly and bend it.
    take 5 minutes.

    but i don't know anyone who's able to do that.

    Can anyone assist?
  2. An easier fix might be to change sprocket sizes - go 3 teeth down at the back and one down at the front. That should even things out pretty much in terms of your gearing but the smaller sprocket on the rear will lift the chain up an inch or so.
  3. Belt it with a hammer. The centrestand is very strong but the mounts it's on will be weak(er). Sounds crude and an evil thing to do, but you will never think about the chain rubbing or the 'damage' to your bike ever again.

    If you don't have a big hammer, get a large piece of pipe and use it as a lever.
  4. cheers heinz.

    thanks loz, but , i was preferring a non-cost method. hammer sounds good
  5. hitting it will also make you feel tough too....
  6. you know what, i did feel tough come to think of it.
  7. I hammered my thumb, and ran crying upstairs for the lady of the house to kiss it better and apply a Mickey Mouse band-aid.
  8. My Z was doing this, I put a longer bumper rubber on teh centrestand. Problem fixed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I'm with Andrew; there SHOULD be a rubber bump stop on top of the stand to stop it from going close to the chain. Check for one, or a place where it should be, and if missing, see your local dealer and get a replacement, or fashion one out of a rubber doorstop from Bunnings.

    {This won't make you feel tough, but you WILL feel smart, so try and avoid irritating people with how smart you are, OK?? :LOL:}.
  10. dunno how well it would work on the centre stand... but i bent my brake pedal back with a hollow pipe. better leverage. ;)
  11. Or, just for good measure, hit the rubber bump stop with a hammer prior to installation.... :p
  12. You really shouldn't adjust A to fix B. Address the cause, not the results. Adjusting your chain too tight to fix a problem with the centre stand will cause you to wear chains and sprockets quicker, and will cause unnecessary strain on the gearbox.

    Go to your local bike shop and ask them. They deal with crash repairs. They will be able to help, or point you to someone who can help.

    The obvious quick fix is to unbolt the centre stand and remove it completely till you are in a position to have it fixed.
  13. i fixed it.
    it's all good.
    but i'm not going to tell you how, cos i'm that kind of mysterious guy.
  14. That's not mysterious. That's just fcuking greedy. These forums are here to share information. If you ask a question, and people help you, the least you can do is save someone else the trouble of asking the question again by posting your results here, so that when someone does a search in these forums might find what you did and fix their own problem.
  15. well,


    nah i just grinded a littled bit off the centre stand.
    clearance while sitting is very fine.

    also did hammer it out a bit.