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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. so, for those of you who consider themselves not to be sheep or part of the "beige brigade" or adhere to the nanny state, will you be completing the census form?

    i'm filling it out now and am scoffing out how much personal info i am obliged to provide.
  2. I'm a Jedi knight. Also they want to know how many cars are parked there but not bikes.

    Wasn't happy about giving so much personal information, wage levels, employer Nanette and address. Friggen hell, they already have most of this information anyway
  3. Anynone noticed question 54? Motorvehilces parked or garaged at the premises, vans, cars, company cars but fark motocycles and scooters [well scooters I can understand] I gave them feedback about that question. Not impressed considering I ride daily to work. thats my spat :)
  4. took 10 minutes to fill out not too hard
  5. Can you come around and fill mine out?
  6. p.s. Come on your bike, we don't have to count that so it should make it easier.
  7. I gave them what I wanted them to know, stuff like employer, income, address, they know that already. Religion .. I'm a Kevlarian, let's see em work that out. Vehicles in garage I counted everything I pay rego on, that's the wifes car, 2 bikes and a bloody caravan, also my company car . that's a 5
  8. I was on centerlink for a year and now work for the goberment. They already had the info they want :shrug:
  9. The revised front page of the census lol

  10. It's really annoying, because of the Privacy Act we have to give out the details again as government orgs can't share particular information with other organisations. Just remember that if they can't even do this what hope in hell do they have of using your information nefariously? :p
  11. Over 670,000 people failed to "hit" submit on their 2011 eCensus
  12. Really?! lol