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Census - Religion

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I did my census online through eCensus, and at the optional religion question, I clicked "Other" and put in "Bikeism" :D .
    Did anyone do something similar?

  2. i just went with jedi, because i read somewhere that i was'nt allowed to do that anymore.
  3. Hahahahha. I heard that like 16,000 people put jedi last year.
    I think next year I'm just gonna screw around with the forum and put down as much conflicting information as possible.
  4. I was boring and ticked the no religon box because I was trying to do it as fast as I could and typing something would have slowed me down.
  5. They dont count bullshit replies.

    Congrats, all the christians and muslims will answer sensibly, now the government knows where to send all your tax dollars.
  6. Put down athiest. More athiest's = more money for science and less for (insert relevent book here) bashers.

    How they spend the science money is another mater...
  7. Having followed the recent American atheist shitstorm of "elevatorgate", I wouldnt want to be associated with religious atheism.
  8. Lol at elevatorgate. Well its not the first time dawkins has attacked feminists! I am suprised why so many people got upset. I lol'd hard. Dawkins is a funny man, but most would interpret it as 'oh, he condones voilence against woman' which is about as far from the truth as it gets.
  9. closer to 55,000

    ^^ way to f*ck us all geniuses
    first person to bodge the census and complain about the string of new mosques volunteers their services as the new bullbar on my truck.

  10. I think it's funny that people fuk around with stupid answers and then complain when another mosque it built next door to them.....Same as the people who don't Bother to vote and then complain about the government elect....

    If you carry on like clowns don't complain about living in a circus :LOL:....
  11. "Religous atheism" is an oxymoron, is it not??? Perhaps extreamist atheism would be a better term. Have to admit I have idea what this "elevatorgate" is about though.

    I'm more a "I will deal with it when and if I have to" agnostic, I really don't give a shit. More money for science can't ( I hope) hurt.
  12. forget this "if they're not funding religion they're funding science"
    it ain't happening. ever. period
  13. #13 smileedude, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    It hardly means more mosques, nor would I care any more if it was a church, monestry or a synagog, although keep those mormans with their door knocking away from me. The jedi, and any other stupid response go down as "no data". They still count towards the total % and dont elevate the % of other religons. It just means the % of no religon goes down because I doubt many religous people will give a stupid response. What it does do is make it harder to say that Australia is becoming a more secular nation.
  14. It's amazing how some whingeing lesbian feminist can interpret getting hit on as suppression and discrimination where if anything it's a compliment.
  15. Yeah my brother had this same bullshit theory on joke responses giving more power to muslims. It's just outright untrue, love to meet the man who made it up because their power to spread unfounded rumour is impressive.
  16. The Atheist council of Australia recommended selecting 'no religion' as the write-ins are discarded, so that's what I did.
  17. Putting like Jedi or pastafarian or athiest is counter-productive. Nothing gets counted and it just goes to 'other" in the stats.

    You need to put 'no religion" (unless you are religious) to make sure that those who are not religious actually get properly counted.
  18. Hate to spoil your fun fella but the census only happens once every five years.
  19. ..... I put "no thanks".......
  20. Also the census has only a very indirect effect on government policy. Putting "atheist" or "no religion" has about as much effect on the national science budget for example as writing "no fat chicks" has on the national health budget.

    As an aside, my first job when I left school was working for the ABS processing the 1986(?) census in Ultimo. We used to laugh at the old biddies who would write long letters to the then Prime Minister on their census returns.