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Census night tonite!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by LadyYamaha, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Can't remember, It happened so quick!

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  1. don't forget to ride to work so we get counted!!!!

  2. So whats this census thing all about anyway... do we have to be home tonight to do it? or whats the go?

    PS I'd love to ride to work, but its a bit had to carry some pc's around on the back :LOL:
  3. Not exactly. :) :) :)
  4. Well I stuffed up and thought it was last Tuesday. I was home sick in bed so I put in that I didn't go to work and today I am actually riding to work.
    And Booga, you're a nob, you should have already received your census pack :p
  5. I'm riding today - it will be for some form of work or another - research: into dog population geographics - must see if there's any around the healesville, kinglake, toolangi area. Yes, that sound fair enough :wink:
  6. i filled mine out last night, as i had nothing to do, and i know everythign will be the same as tonight.
  7. Not 100% convenient to ride to work today, but I'ma doin' it! Will be filling out the census with pride and joy. I'm pillioning my daughter to work today too, so that's a couple of us getting to work by bike.
  8. Hi

    Decided to ride to work today.

    This morning got all geared up and out to the garage.

    6 cranks and the battery was dead arrrrhhhhh

    Pushed the bike down the rd and still didnt want to crank over.

    Pushed back up into garage and almost had a heart attack :shock:

    Drove to work.

    I did ride part of the way down the rd but the engine wasn't running.

    Does that count? :roll:
  9. I was a good boy and rode, and why wouldnt you wanna on a great day like this. It is too good a day to be working.
  10. As long as thats what you put on your census form ;)
  11. I know it is. That's why I'm always in the office.
  12. A question relating to this, where do you get the census form? Do they deliver them? I never got one.
  13. And of course you're a good law-abiding citizen so you couldn't possibly tell an untruth on your census form :LOL:
  14. Well yes, i did, i picked it up from the door step and put it on the table..... hasn't moved since... not me, nor my housemate has read it i dont think... :LOL: So therefore i still dont know whats going on... :p :p :p
  15. Well I'm putting 2 vehicles and writing in that one is a motorcycle ( f;em ) and that my religion is either superbike or moto gp ......and no I didn't ride to work today ( didn't go ) but I'll be riding so that counts .
  16. And what if your census pack hasn't arrived?
  17. Apparently you can fill it in online, but you have to get the pack to get codes to do that. I am still waiting for mine too. It doesn't bode well does it.
  18. Spud

    Yeah, they are cutting it a bit close for comfort!! lol, I just want to read the thing so I can see what all the fuss is about ;)
  19. well the Census forms should have been delivered already but there are still areas yet to receive them... refer to this article from the ABS website about the census forms

    I slept in today, so my ride in to work was in beautiful sunshine... how could you not ride in to work in this weather (ok the sun is a bit misleading and it's not that warm...) atleast it's not cold and raining in Melbourne :grin:
  20. Rode today, did the form online and entered MOTORCYCLING as my religion. Also made a feedback comment about bikes being exempt from number of motor vehicles.