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Census day .. what can we do to make riding great?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. OK it's been 5 years since the last so in just 2 weeks, nationwide, we do our census - Tue Aug 8th. Interestingly, it will also be the first time we can complete it over the internet. :woot:

    Looking for some idea's on how we can make riding look good in the census... :wink: :-w Probably the only question that will be related, will be how you get to work everyday.

    Soooo, thinking out loud, wouldn't it be great if everyone with a bike rode to work that day so they could honestly ( we wouldn't any false answers to elevate the % of bike riders now would we :-w ) answer that they use their bike to commute to/from work !?! Food for thought :grin:

    Anyone know the questions that will be on the census? Any others that could be applicable/related to riding?

    Could Netrider be considered a religion? Maybe 'Netrider' could beat 'Jedi' in this years census :LOL:

  2. if over 2000 members say net rider is thier religion we get government funding...............

    (correct me if i'm wrong, but thats what it was last time when i tried to start a cult, ah the younger days)
  3. FireEagle might be able to drop some hints about the questions.....
  4. :idea: as i know that there atleast 2032 members of net rider i think that we shoul have enough to become a gov reconised religion if we all put it in and if no one is home at cencus time and we are all at coffee dse that mean that we dont realy count and there for decrese the population ov victoria :LOL: :rofl:
  5. Not to take the thread too far off track, but:


  6. I put 'motorcycling' on a census for religion some time back, seemed appropriate somehow :)
  7. I think I'd get into trouble if I wrote Netrider down as my religion...

    However, if there's a category for obsession........
  8. Besides - would you really want Vic or Jason as a High Priest :LOL: :LOL:

    Motorcycling as a religion is a good idea though...

    Can you imagine it?

    "But Officer, I'm required by my religion to travel in excess of 200k at least once on a Sunday..." :LOL: :LOL:
  9. so 250 riders aren't full members then??? Acolytes perhaps.

    Whatever happened to the Church of the One True Road??? This could be theirs big chance!!!
  10. Blood. :arrow: check
    Sacrifices, occasionaly human. :arrow: check
    Pain for your rights. :arrow: check
    No one believes you exist: :arrow: check
    multidenomination cultural meeting center(netrider) for the purpose of debate and afirmation of faith that we are better than anyone else: :arrow: check

    well its offical were a religion... so lets get out of work and go Ahem.. Pray on our bikes...
  11. Novices? :LOL:

    When I think about it, Vic as High Priest is OK.
    He's got the shaved head and the evil appearance already :p

    And scooters can be the sacrificial Virgins... :LOL: :LOL:

    We'll need an Inquistion - I nominate groberts for head of that :p .


  12. Well I ride to work everyday so that'll be on my Census forms!! :grin:

    +1 Motorcycling as a religion :LOL:
  13. Me too!

    Hey can we have sub cults like Opus Dei in our religion? I can just imagine someone in a black robe "kneel before my litre sports bike you cage driving infidel!" :p
  14. I've put Jedi down before
  15. Yeah putting those nerds down is fun... :p :p :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I didn't think groberts was spanish though??

    Vic maybe ok as high priest but Hornet definately has to be the High Proclaimer.
  17. We can always lie about Glen's ancestry :LOL:
    Every other religion tells lies - that just makes us a true religion. :LOL:
  18. I commute everyday on the Viffer, if I dink Tam that day, can she also put down she commuted on a bike ?
  19. realy :shock: you've just shattered my ilussion, i thought they were all giving there version of the truth :p :p just some recon thereb version it more true than the others :LOL:
  20. Hmm, I can see a whole new career path opening up here........

    But maybe the Church of the One True Road is the way to go, although a couple of its members have been strangely quiet of late..

    I wonder what the BoS would say if people DID put motorcycling down as their religion.

    It sort of makes sense, though.

    We kneel to clean them.

    We sacrifice to buy them, and maintain them

    We grieve when they are hurt, and worse when they die

    It IS a religion!!!