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Censoring Childs Ipad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Aly, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys, step daughter got an ipad for her birthday today and I need a program/way to block the internet (facebook, youtube, safari, you know anything fun) while still letting her apps (mainly educational ones) connect to it and not getting in the way of my devices connecting. Suggestions?

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  2. A book is another educational app.

    And there is probably a parental control app.
  3. There are a number of things I had to do on my daughters IPad when she first got it. In settings there are lots of restrictions you can place on the user. There are also browsers you can use which restrict access to certain types of sites. Most schools that use IPads have a set of guides for parents you might be able to find one of these online.
    If there is a specific issue let me know and I can look it up for you.
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  4. Yeah she reads every night and at a level 3 years above her age. School requires her to use a program for maths homework which has an app. If I can block the rest of the internet she can do it while I'm still working and cant supervise her on the computer.

    I'm hoping there is a parental control app or similar. Hence the original question. I'd rather have some feedback from people who have used them.
  5. There should be parental settings that require the user to enter a passcode to open certain programs, safari, email, facebook, whatever. You don't need an extra app for this it's built in in the settings menu.
  6. Thanks for the starting points. Being a parent for only 6 months, I still dont know where to start with these things.
  7. Thanks @Whitey and @PossumBob that sounds like it will work if it can be pass protected.
  8. Yes it looks like a 4 digit pin. Otherwise there are kid-safe browsers (avg looks good?) and I see a YouTube for Kids on the app store but I don't know if they are any good.
  9. Or maybe not.... Just picked it up to do it and she's passcoded the thing hahaha confiscated in the first ten minutes.
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  10. A sad day when the apprentice surpasses the master. Of course there is always factory reset and router restrictions...
  11. but then how will I look at p0rn? :ROFLMAO:
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  12. Block IP range by device connection...

    Wait, what?
  13. I probably do know how to do that actually. It will be filed away in the information from when I used to know computers.
  14. I guess a relevant question is how old is she? My 13 year old has an iPad for school, and her 16 year old sister had a laptop. Both are wifi enabled, so can look up anything from home on our system. We trust them to some extent, but as I pay for the Internet connection, I reserve the right to look at their computers, history, cookies etc. whenever I feel like. I also have to know their passwords or they lose the devices.

    At school, their online browsing is stifled by the school (or more accurately the catholic system) which blocks many sites that are deemed unsuitable. That means they cannot go on eBay, but can go on youtube, and the cannot go on facebook, but can go on netrider...

    I would suggest it may be better to have a number of talks with her if she is old enough. Realistically any system can be worked around if they are determined enough, so education is better.
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  15. She's 11 and really hasn't had enough access to computers in the past to make her trustworthy or think enough about what she's doing before she does things (the passcode is an example). Other issues are at play too making it important that she doesn't leave a trail on the internet.

    I think the basic restrictions above should work in the short term. I dont think she'll sit down and try to crack my passcode yet.

    Thanks everyone
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  16. At 11 I would agree with you. She may not understand some of the consequences of some of the things available on the net. A couple of years will make a big difference.
  17. I had to hide YouTube on the iPad after I set my 5yo daughter up watching Dora videos, only to come back five minutes later and find her watching some gross Dora take-off involving blood and gore ...! I also have safe search on. So far, that's enough -- but then she is only 5 and not 11.
  18. My daughter is 5 and would you believe has to have an iPad for Prep. So far I have found the restrictions that come under the settings menu more than enough.

    Biggest issue I have is she fills the memory taking photos and videos which means I have to go in and clean that part up once a week.

    Cheers Jeremy

  19. When I was 12 my first computer was a typewriter and two cans strung together with some string.

    And as for giving parents unasked for advice on how to raise their kids? I'd say that would be none of anyone else's bloody business.
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