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Cement sheet...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bluefreak, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. 17-03-2010, about 11:30am on Dorset Rd, Bayswater (near AMX)

    Rigid trucks in both lanes as we took off from Mountain Hwy heading for Canterbury Rd - I didn't filter as a cop was in front of the truck in the left lane...

    Traveling along at 65km (80 zone), in no particular hurry, sitting about 20' feet behind the truck when all of a sudden a piece of cement sheet lifts off the road as the truck passes over it...

    It's amazing how much goes through your mind in a split second - "SHIT" occupied the first few thousandths of a second followed by car to the right, gutter to the left and then how hard is it to bunnyhop a Firestorm... :-s

    Counter steer worked perfectly, glanced the gutter with the front tyre nearly causing a nice tank slapper, cement sheet brushed past on the right tapping the recently installed Ventura rack...

    Just posting this as a reminder that things can go south even when other road users are behaving themselves and no immediate risk grabs your attention...
  2. Nice work dodgeing it...
    I had a pool fence Pailing fly out of the back of a ute at me a few months ago, all I remember is thinking "oh shiiitttttt this is gonna hurt"... Luckily my brakes worked wanders for me and my front wheel was about 4inch's from the pailing as I went from 100k/hr to 0 in no time at all.
    My explanation of the accident does not do the incidet any justice on how close it was but I had about 10 cigaretes just to calm me nerves so I could ride home lol...
  3. Piece of pool fence could've done some real damage - I know all too well the feeling of sitting by the road chain smoking yourself back to reality...LOL
  4. how big was the cement sheet? you say you grazed the ventura rack, so it was over 1m high????

    A few months back, i was riding behind a truck at 80km/h on a 2 lane road, taking it easy about 15m behind the truck, and thought id better change lanes, just not to be behind a truck.
    Then perhaps a few seconds after i changed lanes, a 2m by 7m sheet of corrugated plastic flew off the back of the truck and landed on the road behind it.
    Boy was I glad I had that instinct to change lanes...
  5. Nice one - a tailshaft broke off a truck I was behind on the Tulla freeway and went spinning across the road. That was bloody close.
  6. Would hazard a guess it was in the order of 900 x 450...

    You certainly were lucky with the plastic sheet...!!!
  7. Eek, that could've been nasty...
  8. Yeah, reminds me of the time I was behind a truck, it was heaps windy and it blew some dust/dirt of the back. Lucky I had my visor down 8-[ :bolt:
  9. hah thats not nearly as bad as going through a bug swarm at 80km/h... with an open face helmet
  10. :rofl:
  11. Once I was driving in a dual lane when the car in front in the other lane lost an entire wheel which bounced across and hit the front of my car. The car without the wheel lost control and veered right in front of me. Somehow I avoided a collision but the wheel did a bit of damage to my car, luckily it was an old beat up car anyway so didnt really matter much except for shaken nerves. The other people involved were pretty shaken up too but all in all it could have been much worse and definately far worse if I had been riding at the time! This sort of thing is something you really dont expect to happen!
  12. Lately on my run there have been trucks full of cattle going to Newcastle port. Does the smell of cattle constitute something dangerous as it seriously brings tears to my eyes and impedes my vision. I think a cop who pulls me over for splitting would be a cruel copper indeed!
  13. i've had a hose fitting(steel) come of the back of a truck once, watched it bounce right over the excel i was driving at the time. Stopped picked it up and gave it to the trucky at the servo near Narrandera.

    Cow manure, and urine is horrible when it comes of the back of the truck, thankfully never met it on a bike.

    Went through Woori Yallock at sundown this summer just gone and the bugs where small enough to come through the vents....... Never again.... ever.
  14. Try dodging a bike rack with 3 bicycles on it down the ring road,it just snapped at the bottom and shit was sliding every were
  15. I was pulled over by a cop yesterday who just had to laugh at my misfortune (the smug bastard).
    I was stuck behind a cattle truck and was half coated in cow shit when i decided to pass at about 120kph in an 80 zone.

    The policeman was very sympathetic to my tale of woe and let me off with a stern warning - VERY LUCKY. Not tha there was any hiding the cow shit all over me and the bike, which i spent the rest of the say washing off myself, my bike and my gear.

    edit: worst bit was getting it out of the vent in my helmet. id have smelt it for weeks otherwise.
  16. Many years ago a truck ran off the road and the driver was killed, Investigating the accident, the cops could find nothing to cause the accident, A sheet of iron had fallen off the truck well before the accident which they found to have blood on it, further up the road past the accident they found a bike rider had run off the road and crashed into a paddock,
    Their conclusion was that the bike rider had gone past the truck after getting hit by the sheet of iron, which took his head off and as the headless rider went past the truck,the truck driver had run off the road in fright and crashed, Not a pretty story, But it did happen, Do not ride behind trucks or trailers, They do lose crap thats not tied down properly, and you may get hit by it,
  17. Hahahaaaa nice, ( not a pretty story at all butt....). The headless rider got revenge on the truckie for not tyin his load down properly lol... I like....
  18. I was riding to work down the eastern fwy a while back and I was behind a ute with a flat tray on the back, the kind that dosent have any sides. I decided i wanted to be in the right lane (for what ever reason) and had to speed up to get infront of the car to my right. As i was getting closer to the ute infront of me, a bag of cement slid off the tray and landed right next to me, in line with where i would have been if i wasnt about to change lanes. Scared the shit out of me!

    I wonder if the driver figured out what my hand gestures ment after he realised he was a bag short...
  19. Thats farking creepy!! :eek:

    Dead right though, never follow a loaded ute or trailer and avoid trucks/trailers as much as possible. Do you really trust a drunken tradie to secure his load properly? The amount of time i've seen straps (that's if they've even bothered to use them) dragging along the road behind them or straps that have come loose is scarey. I stress to my gf who is a newb rider to never sit behind that stuff. The other one that worries me is the crazy bogan towing his $150,000 boat with his brand new XR6 ute at 130kph on the freeway. 3 ton boat + trailer, 1.5ton car. There are plenty of laws regarding that stuff but I've never seen them being enforced.

    I had a bunch of sheets of wood fall off the back of a truck infront of me on the bike once, that was lesson learnt for me.
  20. you even have to watch the tied down ones
    was coming back to mosman from Brookvale i saw a well tied down (maybe to well LOL) desk exploded from the pressure of the straps pices flew off the trailer i found it quite amusing as it happened at 20KLM but it could have been worse i guess