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Celebration drinks in Melb . . . today !!! feel free to come

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Okay, some of you might know.

    I'M GOING TO LONDON !!! . . . it was confirmed this morning in a meeting I had in Melbourne.

    I'm with im.on.it at the moment, (being wankers in a convertible) and we are planning to have lunch at Docklands.

    Come join us for a drink !
    I'm putting a bar tab on . . . call us on me (0419018139) or Nee (0419222070).

    . . . my NR mod status remains the same. Taking bids from NSW guys now on who wants the role in 4-6weeks time. :grin:

  2. Tremedous news, great stuff that your life's progressing and advancing your career

    Leave some room on that bar tab for when you get back to Sydney :wink:
  3. I would, dont even know you but who can pass up a free drink?? hahaha i have to pick bike up from raceway suzuki today though :p

    And congrats on the o/s work!!

  4. i'll give you 1 dollar for your monster =D lol
  5. awesome news, congrats!
  6. Belive it or not... He would be getting the better deal :LOL:

    Congrats micky I remember over a year ago you thought about doing this ,like TC said leave some some money on the bar tab for us. :LOL:

    Now down to business . :cool:

    Im taking your bike stand and the gloves ,the seagulls can fight for the rest. :grin:
  7. Now you can post your very own scam... garaged bike, recently moved to london...no joy rides... serious offers only :LOL:

    Good luck in your adventure!
  8. Congrats Micky :)
  9. Some tab!!!!

    Cost me $20 to visit the man this afternoon :p

    Good to see ya mate.

    Damn that calamari was superb.
  10. Re: Celebration drinks in Melb . . . today !!! feel free to

    Congrats. What will you be doing there, if I may ask?

    I hope to holiday there in the next year or two, taking in the UK and parts of Europe. Wife is stopping off there on her way back from a wedding in NY (cheaper to get a round the world airfare than a MEL-JFK-MEL flight). So she'll do some recon work for us...
  11. Sorry I missed you Micky. Spent the day sorting out 2 buggered Targa Tas cars, that I had to send off to Sydney. Got the job done. Ready for a beer now.
  12. Congratulations Micky, hope you're enjoying yourself in Melbourne!

  13. Aw Micky! I could kill you and hug you atm. Kill cos I was in Melb at uni and would've caught up with you had I known you were free - you should've texted me! and hug ya cos you're going and that is just awesome news and I'm so happy for you.

    How long you in Melb for?
  14. Re: Celebration drinks in Melb . . . today !!! feel free to

    Marty, I was heavily involved in a massive sports carnival in Sydney back in 2000. Its Londons turn in 4years time to host the sports carnival. ;)

    I'm back in Syd guys !

    Melbourne rocks ! I swear us Sydneysiders are getting raped in the ass in terms of cost of living.

    Alex/Brett . . . yeah, two-up and drinks at the end of the week !!!

    Rog, now time to book a plane ticket back to London via Modena ! ;)
  15. ah, yeah . . that convertible im.on.it and I were cruising in today . . .

    here it is . .


    (the black Astra in the background)


    Rog, its a Fezza 360 "Modena" :eek:
    coincidence ??? :eek:
    :shock: . . . its a sign !!
  16. wanka :p

    nah we looked fooli sic mate!
  17. Is this just a massive ploy to move to being only a two hour flight from that italian bird??? :LOL:

    Congratulations! Good luck with the carnival... :grin:
  18. Re: Celebration drinks in Melb . . . today !!! feel free to

    Ah, THAT carnival.

    Hey, if you want some "protectors" for a certain portable combustible device I'm sure that there are lots of willing NRs ready to help out....

  19. Micky, I didn't know that you were in the Gay olympics.
  20. That looks like a 360 Spyder, soft top :p