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Celebrating Newbies...How much better are you now?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jomac, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. It’s now been 10 months since I first got on a motorcycle and whilst riding back from Dwelligup today, feeling far more comfortable than I did 5 months ago I started to think about how far I have come.

    So I thought it would be nice to do a little – checklist to celebrate all those things that I’ve overcome. Here is my list.

    1. Put gloves on before putting on the rest of the gear.
    2. Forget to put glasses on/off before putting on or removing helmet.
    3. Braking before every bend.
    4. Forgetting indicator after almost every turn.
    5. Forgetting to put up side stand before taking off.
    6. Parking down hill where there is no way forward on gravel.
    7. Taking off with visor up and being too scared to lift hand up to close it.
    8. Watching the road only as far as 3 metres ahead searching for gravel, oil, kerbs, debris, road kill or potholes.
    9. Not being able to look left and right while moving without getting the wobbles.
    10. Stopping at least 2 metres too soon at crossroads and lights.
    11. Watching the kerb when going around bends, as if it were going to move out and grab tyre.
    12. Trying a quick take off but forgetting to take foot off rear brake.
    13. Smoking up and sliding in to a screaming stop when lights turn amber.
    14. Riding rear brakes until they were glazed over.
    15. Grabbing the front brake while on a full turn.
    16. Forgetting which gear you are in (causing your bike to shudder and squeal)

    Number 6 I did today and embarrassedly needed to be pulled out backwards by some helpers.

    Would love to hear others lists.

  2. i still do this one, ha x2.
  3. *Puts gloves on* *#@E!^&*#@! Squid time!
  4. It’s been over 25 years since I first got on a motorbike and I should be able to think of many traps for young players however these were the ones that sprang first to mind:

    1. Don't ride a Honda C70 (70cc semi-automatic "postie" bike) on the motorway. (It tops out at about 60KmH and isn’t as much fun as it should be) :shock:
    2. Don't close the petrol cap with the key in it when you’ve got a new girlfriend pillion on the back. (Key will bend and you'll both have to walk three miles for the spare key and you’ll never see her again). :(
    3. Don't race your Kawa GPZ305 belt-driven bike against your friend's souped up 1275GT Mini on twisty roads in the dark and lowside into a drystone wall. (No explanation needed). :cry:
    4. Don't squeeze your Honda CB750F2 fully faired bike alongside your Dad's car in a small garage. (You'll end up keeping your bike outside in the rain). :(
  5. The CT110's with the 2 speed gearbox are ok.
  6. well ive had my bike for 2-3weeks now, abit more confident with leaning the bike to corner, changing gears and slowing down to a stop and taking off is alot easier for me now, and im alot more comfortable with the speeds of a motorbike compared to the first day i went for a ride =] cant wait till i pick up more skills in the future
  7. Really good post - I'm about the same with regards experience - the gloves still catch me out (as do the sunnies in the full-face helmet...).

    Thank God it's the experience and not my reducing short-term.....what's the name for it again..?
  8. Interesting post..

    My list of newbie learning.. stuff:
    - That gap is ALWAYS big enough to fit through if you're keen enough
    - Nothing wrong with revvs, thrash the f#@er!
    - Most drivers are clueless. Be suspect of them ALL, but pay particular attention to P platers and anyone with a volvo, 4wd, taxi, bus, truck, ute , tradesmobile
    - Always blame yourself
    - Don't rush learning and you'll enjoy it for alot longer - I know dozens of cbr250rr owners who go hard and crash in the first 3 months then give it up because its too dangerous :roll:
    - Zx6r are totally awesome
    - Test ride everything you can, all different types and makes.. because its fun :)
    - Don't go for group rides in the inner city, at least not on george street, and definitely not on a saturday night
    - Mangrove mountain smells bad

    That is all :p

    edit: On my local twisty road I'm faster on my 250 than I am on 650 :? Now thats progress! :LOL:
  9. what local twisty is that? church point to terry hills? or up to palm beach? not too many twists up this way... is there?
  10. :LOL:
    Boy, am I in for LONG enjoyable riding career.

    PS: I still sometimes forget to fasten my lid before putting my gloves on. Did it tonight, rode off about 1 km before having to stop, remove the gloves and fasten my shoei. :roll:
  11. I hate getting everything set up only to remember that I forgot to put in my ear plugs :oops:
  12. I did it twice on the weekend! PIA it is.
  13. Did the Ear Plugs thing a couple of times last week too. Start thinking there's something wrong with the bike because it's making more noise than usual, then the penny drops...

    Also gotten in a bad habit of stopping, thinking the bike is in neutral and letting out the clutch. So far I've been lucky that I've kept the right hand on the front brake. Did it last week when I dropped the bike off for a service. Lucky no one saw me (I think). Did it again last night in front of the (new) garage roller door. Again, lucky I had the front brake in.

    Funny thing is there's a big green light on the dash when it's in neutral...
  14. Rode from home (Edgecliff) to work (North Ryde) and back yesterday, admittedly well outside of peak hour.

    Negotiated Harbour Tunnel, a couple of highways, an e-brake (at a red light :facepalm: ) , changing lanes and a little filter.

    I was happy with it! Peak hour is the next hurdle.
  15. Another golden rule:

    ALWAYS check to see if you've taken your disk lock off!!

    (I put mine on at the shops a week or so ago and then when I returned wondered why the bike wouldnt let me duckwalk backwards out of the space. Thankfully my low speed duckwalking was gentle enough that no damage occurred - had I been parked the other way around I'd have been in big trouble!)
  16. :LOL: I haven't done that yet, the reminder strap helps though.

    Another newbie thing, parking too close to a gutter in first, only to find that out that you need to roll a bit further to get the bike back into nuetral :oops: For some reason, clutch in wasn't working for me.....
  17. rode the back way from harbord to N ryde today. took a 30 min "detour" through northbridge. D'oh!

    can you tell i wasn't a cager before i got a bike?
  18. lol scenic tour?
  19. Spots @ 80kph: "OW! Why is something - OW! - slapping me in the - OW! - neck?!"
    Darn helmet straps. Can't ride without 'em, can't do 'em up with gloves on.
  20. the helmet strap makes an interesting noise as it gently taps against your helmet.