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Cejay's gone and got a new baby!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. I don't make rash decisions. Sometimes, what appears to be a snap decision has taken me a long time to work out. So, it was a bit of a surprise that within the course of a week I went from confirmed 4 cylinder hyper sports crazy mutha... who thought that the only was to ride was with head down, bum up, sneaking a peek every now and again, to the (ever so) proud owner of a RSV Tuono 1000R!

    This bike won me over with its looks and after a test ride, the way it goes. The power is a little less than the Blade, but delivered so differently. It's much more real World, accessible, but still crazy. Nearly 600km later I am still grinning from ear to ear!

    Today, after brekky in Sassafras, Mr Scumbag (+ pillion Boo), G and I did a nice 250km through the hills. Whereas the Blade would leave me exhilarated but exhausted, the 2ono just left me exhilarated.

    Engine is being run in, but that still means 160+ in 6th, all I have to be careful of is the punch coming out of turns. The little red light came on a lot. And I wasn't open for business (mind you, it's gotta be paid for somehow!).

    The biggest change is the leverage from the big wide bars. All that stuff you learned about quick turns is so easy to apply with this bike. A slight change of posture from typical sports bike pose sees you slightly crouched and (at times) below the bars in a turn, but it's so damn easy. And the engine....! You don't feel the rush, but before you know it, you're launching out of corners, snicking the next gear and then going quicker than you realised. The power is deceptive. And I'm just running it in, with no wide open throttle or high revs.

    Brakes are by Brembo and just look horn. They do a good job of stopping too. Which is handy as I'm pretty sure the speeds are going to be there.

    After a day following me (he had a pillion, otherwise it's roles reversed), Brian believes that I am quicker on this than the Blade. If so, it's because the suspension isn't tuned for 270kmh entries into T1 and has compliance. It's not perfect and needs a little tuning, but hit a bump mid turn and you don't get launched out of the seat. A little wallow on the bars is all you get and just keep it turned.

    I now have another forum to spend some time in, unfortunately it looks like the first thing I need is a new set of slip on cans. The Tuono is tuned for Euro 3 EPA rules and has imperfect fuelling on part throttle below 4k. The consensus is the Akrapovic exhaust and Map 2. Yup, no PC3 required, a programmable ECU with different maps available.

    Like any proud dad, I've got some pictures

    I've fallen in love with this bike!

    I have a new computer thingo to play with too. Top speed, avg speed, lap timer are all there. The max speed is a little scary. No officer, I have no idea how this works....
  2. Nice Nice Nice!!!
  3. She's beatiful Cejay. :grin: Welcome to the world of twins and enjoy. :twisted: :LOL: :grin: :grin:
  4. That bike has a HOT ARSE :shock:

    You bum, I'm totally jealous and hope you fall off :p
  5. :tantrum:



    You mean I missed out on coming out to play with you guys today and missed seeing the new toy in action?!??!?!?!?!!!!!




    Congrats CJ.

    Bloody hell mate.... you were only just telling me about the bike just the other day... and now you have one! On ya bro!!

    Great pix. She's a horny bike alright... [​IMG]

    CeJay, I think you might have a bad case of: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  6. now thats a schhhhweet little (big) bike!
  7. wooohooo congrats cejay..... looks hot as, look forward to seeing it in the flesh

    cheers stewy :grin:
  8. Congrats cejay,very hot looking bike.enjoy and have fun. :demon:

  9. Dear Constable,

    If you are reading this now, I believe that this $1.60 that cejay refers to is based upon theoretical gearing ratios.

    Have a nice day :) ,

  10. That's one sweet ride Cejay......and sorry if I dribbled a bit on it :LOL:
  11. Blimey, cejay, what a sweet -looking device. Congrats :)
  12. That was you?!
  13. It's a great looking bike cejay. I was admiring it on Saturday. Congrat's.
  14. She's an absolute beauty, had the pleasure of seeing it at the coffee night, I was the one drooling on peoples shoulders as i peered over.

    And so photogenic :p

  15. Great Photo's Matty! It's clean again now, though I'm not sure if I can get it back to Pnut's original finish.
  16. Yep was great fun yesterday, Cejay was having a ball on that bike.
    I do believe I have a price of mufflers for him as well.

    From the provider of fine Italian motorcycles.

  17. i can only find one thing to say about that bike....


    congrats cejay. enjoy every minute :grin:
  18. Congrats on the new baby CJ
    It is soooooo drool worthy.
  19. wow - that's a NICE looking bike!!!!

    well done I bet you'll enjoy every day with your baby!
  20. Just 1 question Ceejay
    Lovely ride,congratulations,me thinks me smell a happy bank loans manager,mayb a tattslotto win,either that,or you will want one, to pay for that sweet ride.