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CD250u manual?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BurningPlastic, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. I've just picked up a CD250U and it runs alright but could do with a little cleanup work and tuning.

    The engine isn't difficult to work on but it would help to know the actual intended volumes, clearances and so on...

    I've looked all over the net (web, usenet, etc.) for a manual and haven't found anything apart from one copy in a finished ebay (UK) auction.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone has or could point me towards an owners manual and/or workshop manual that actually covers this model. (I have the honda '88 general service manual and a CD250U parts list but they're not that much use by themselves).


  2. It's off at the mechanics' at the moment but I've got a friend's CD250U including owner's manual. You can have a squiz or photocopy it or whatever, it's got fluid volumes and things like that but it's not a technical workshop manual. I can't remember if I found one of those either. Drop me a PM if you're in Melb.

  3. I'm actually over in NZ but since I couldn't find anything here I've started asking outside the country... It just seems to be one of those bikes that technical info is hard to come by for.

  4. Sorted!!!

    Finally found a good source of info on the bike.

    I decided to do a wider search for general honda maintenance forums and I found this one on this site http://www.theridersvoice.com/. It seems fairly new but it's got a good feel...

    Posted a request and got a reply with the info I was after almost straight away (http://www.theridersvoice.com/forum14/154.html).

    Time to go have a closer look at the bike ;->
  5. Hi i was wondering if anyone had seen one in their travels or knew where i could track one down?
    any info would be most appreciated!
  6. G'day Tom,

    Congratulations Tom on having a classic, under-rated motorbike. Hang onto it because it'll be worth a lot soon.

    My friend bought one 10 years ago and it has never, ever let her down. I ride it now and then just because it's comfortable and fun.

    I got a repro genuine Honda manual for her from a mob in England called David Silver Spares. It's a photocopy of the original so the photos aren't too good but otherwise it's perfect.

  7. hey hzbloke
    cheers! i can't wait to get into riding and i saw this and thought it'd be awesome on it's own but then i'd also keep all the original items but cafe racer it at sometime but keep the option of having it bog standard as well!

    thanks for the link! i found one from the UK!

    id love to know if they really do share many parts with the cb250.. as well as that id love to look into what sort of cafe parts i could put on that would keep the retroish asthetic but look good! in particular a tank choice!

    thanks again,
  8. I owned one and there are some differences but not totally different.
    Frame and wheels are the obvious ones.
    The cd250u has twin carbs so it's actually quicker in the top end than the cb 250 which is single carbed. (I managed to get mine to an indicated 150 and was able to keep her there.)
    You'll love it , a great bike.
  9. it arrives from vic next weekend! i can't wait!
  10. Hi Tom,

    Just wondering where you got your manual from, I bought a CD250 a month ago and got it back on the road but would like a manual to aid the in fixing up stages.

    Any details on contact details + price etc would be great, or maybe you might like to spend a little time in front of the photocopier and make some of your money back :grin:

    thanks chaunty
  11. Also after a workshop manual for a CD250U... chaunty/thomen, did you ever get hold of one?
  12. Hey BurningPlastic... looooong time ago, I'm after a tech manual for a CD250U, you don't still happen to have a copy of what you found above?
  13. Very simple bikes, cb250 motor with twin cArbs, if you can't find a cd manual get a cb one they'd. Are more or less a similar bike