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CD250U à la Café Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by The Mischief Makers, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Alright, some of you saw it last night at the saturday night coffee meet. I got bored today and pinstriped the tank and the covers... again. :wink:

    Anyway, it started as a wreck of a CD250U, '89, and it is slowly evolving. Please bear in mind that soon it'll receive a new seat ( single racer with bum stop, classic ), rear set footpegs, new tail light and tail light bracket, new rear indicators and potentially bikini fairings. Yes I know we're mad. :cool:

    Tell me what you think, and if you want one we can arrange that. :grin:


  2. Very nice!
  3. Great to meet you last night :) It's great to see someone making a good old style cafe racer!
  4. Sick.

    Are they aftermarket mufflers?

    It even has inverted springs... ;-)


    Trevor G

    PS Is it posed beside the dumpster for a particular reason???
  5. The memories come flooding back

    I miss my little bike. :cry:

    Trevor: those are original pipes and springs.
    Debaffled I reckon it would sound like an old english bike.
  6. The dumpster is an extra touch of class. Ok, I just suck at taking pictures, there's always something silly in the background. :LOL:

    Smee is right about the mufflers, all original, scars included. And for the sound, it's gonna be indeed pretty close to a brit bike once we'll have rebuild the carbies, build another set of exhaust and when it's gonna be running properly hahaha!
  7. Should look great when its done :D
  8. Few mods added: two more dents in the tank ( silly drivers! ), new headlight, and I beadblasted the upper triple clamps and clips for the 'bars. New bar-end mirror too and braided line; I've got brakes now! We also tightened and cleaned up the spokes on the front wheels.
    Next: making this fiberglass/carbon fiber seat and a new tail-light bracket.
  9. My spokes on the SRV look a little like yours did in the picture. I've polished them a few times which keeps them okay for a while. What did you do to them?
  10. flanged alloy rims, a big drum brake on the front and chromed guards would make a big difference
    another option is to paint/powdercoat the barrels black - always looks good the juxtaposition of the polished covers against the black fins against the clean alloy head.

    kudos on the use of ace bars - i suppose clipons do look a bit better, but ive always like aces; all the glitz of clipons but far more practical
    im also partial to a full-loop frame, but nothing can be done about that, hahaha

    looking good, look forward to seeing the new seat/tank combo

  11. Wow that looks cool!!!
    So are you planning on moding and selling these?
  12. hey! i just bought a cd250!

    Yours looks HOT!

    just wondering where you get your parts? and what sort of handlebars you put on your bike! it looks awesome!

    have you come across a workshop manual in your travels? i can't seem to find one anywhere!
  13. Looking great mate!
  14. I dig your taste! :)
  15. Wot they said above :)