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CD players/ Radios on bikes???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by magpies03, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. i am looking to get my l's and a aquila 250 in the near future and noticed that some harleys have cd players on then. Would it be possible to put one on a 250 crusier as and accessory?

  2. Yeah you could, be easy to tap off the bike's electrical system to power something (finding somewhere to mount it might be more tricky though). Question is why would you bother, far easier to just stick an MP3 player in a jacket pocket.
    Edit: If you're actually thinking of trying to run speakers :shock: then the alternator may not be able to keep up with the demand (guessing it would require a fairly high wattage to drown out wind noise - convertible cars are bad enough).
  3. young magpie03, all you need is an IPOD in your jacket, but keep in thought not to lose concentration while listening to music, music has a tendency of pumping you up to spped!!!! especially listening to a heavy rock song or trance or whatever floats peoples boats !!!!!!!!!!

    check this forum topic out champ https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5970&highlight=mp3

    that might help you buddy..

    hope that helps !!

  4. Are ther any laws concerning mp3 players or the like while riding? Does having plugs in your ears stop you from hearing vital noises?
  5. im sure they may be laws, but to be honest who can stop you? and who can know if your are listening, going by that forum topic listed above alot of people do it, really depends how skilled the rider is, i really advise learners do not listen to music while riding at the beggining, as it would not do them any favours by not concentrating 100% on the road ahead of them... when you ride you always gotta remind yourself to focus i think thats the best way to go about it, and ALSO you gotta appreciate the sound of your bike anyway, you wanna hear your baby REVING hardddddddddd... its an art to hear the sound.. but again music a bit soft, so you can hear things around you would be good keeping in mind how well you can ballance it or perhaps multi task.
  6. I don't think there's a law against using MP3 players, although it is against OH&S principles to use MP3 players etc when using plant equipment (ie bobcat, dozer etc)

    But it's recommended to use earplugs, and mounted CD players etc are OK.

    Seems silly, cos you have to turn up the volume heaps to hear the bloodythings, and that's more distracting than anything.

    I use an MP3 player, with earplugs that by themselves cancel out a lot of the "wind noise". If I have teh tunes running at a reasonable level, I can still hear what is going on around me, but without the annoying wind noise etc.
    If it's too loud, then the music becomes a distraction, and can be dangerous.

    Just like everything, common sense should prevail.

    You could also think about a PDA that can also be used as a GPS as well as an MP3 player, best of two worlds, and an be removed easily to stop theft.
  7. i use my mobile phone hands free kit as a mp3 player ( phone has 256mb memory card) or listen to the radio via the ear buds. then again on a scooter it aint all that noisey.. but it does help to pass the time if on a long commute thru the city.

    i cant see anything wrong with it. i only ever use one ear bud at a time. never both. as i would rather hear the traffic and ambient noises around me for saftey.

    similer in my rx7 if im in the hills or racing regularity, i wont have my music on.. yet i love my tunes cranked when cruising
  8. I have an ipod shuffle, which whilst it doesnt have a huge capacity, is very easy to use with gloved hands, something that is important when choosing equipment for motorcycling. I use boomgear earplug speakers, which cost about 17 bucks at strathfield car radio. the ipod can be put in a pocket, but I find it better either in the top of a tankbag, under the clear plastic, or on a small easy to make bracket on the handlebars. no moving parts so no jumping. and even with just 512mb, in a 620km ride, I hadnt gone through every song on it, so it suits me fine.
    Oh, and vertigo by U2 makes you go faster :wink:
  9. lol.. the SANDSTORM makes my blood pump, not sure if you know wat it is , but its a trance sorta song , craziii
  10. There are a couple of US based companies that make aftermarket bike sound systems for cruisers that are available as self fit kits.

    They are slash proof, but are better mounted behind a fairing.

    They are expensive in the US though, and would be more expensive by the time you got them here.

    Check out the US mags adverts...
  11. NZ dub band Fat Freddy's Drop were very cool on my recent outing down the GOR.
  12. Yeh i think i might be better just to use an I-POD rather than get a CD player and speakers installed or maybe listen to nothing coz it is a bit dangerous!
  13. Go for anything but an Ipod!! :p they r ghey!!! Creative, Iriver, lots of much better players than an Ipod.... Longer battery life too, my creative thats two years old still gets 24hrs + playback time before recharge needed
  14. ya ipods have a tendency to **k up !
  15. the shuffle has been brilliant. I think the hard drive type units, such as the normal ipods and the like, have a tendency to jump when subjected to the bumps that a bike gets. You have to leave them in your pocket, so that your body can be the shock absorber for it, and then unless you have a remote control, its hard to change volume, song, etc. I get about 12 hours out of it, its tiny yet easy to use, and I have a car charger for it, that I plug into the lighter plug i have installed under the pillion seat, so it can be charged up at the end of the day, a couple of hours and its fine for the next day.
  16. If I was to put a CD player on my bike would it be best to get a ventura rack or do you think I could just hold it on the pillion seat with an ocky strap? Also, rather than going through all those 'D' size batteries, is it possible to connect DC power from the bike's battery with some dodgy wiring to the CD player's terminals? :LOL: :LOL:
  17. You will probably find that even if it has a long anti shock memory, it will run out if it is on the bike anywhere, and it will skip. The only way to avoid that is to have it in your pocket for your body to isolate partly from the bumps, and I found that even then it will still jump, just not so much. Wiring into the battery is reasonably easy - i have a cigarette lighter plug wired in, under the pillion seat, and also have a dc voltage converter for the 2-way radio for intercom and bike to bike duty. I would recommend some sort of solid state mp3 player if you want it skip free.
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