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CCT 96 XR400R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by idontlikemondays, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. pos lemon has been giving me grief.

    after going through a set of brake pads in 150kms, a new caliper spring was going to hopefully fix this, but i didnt get the chance to try it.

    there was a sudden onset of a lot of rattling coming from the head, the rattling noise was consistent with RPM. it was also as audible from the left side as the right, which makes me think its not the CCT as the noise would be more audible on the right if it was. the noise was also far worse on cold idle. now the ole XR motor is a pretty rough, noisy and indestructable little power plant, but this noise was definatly not the norm.

    first thing im checking is valve clearances, but i dont think this will be the problem since the onset was sudden
    second thing is cct, but the reasons stated above it doesnt really fit for this to be the case either.
    after that, the rocker cover is coming off to check the tappets, camshaft and cam chain.

    if it is the CCT could anyone reccomend an after market manual adjusting unit to replace the stock unit?

    and do you guys have any ideas on what the problem would be? im fairly worried something has suddenly come loose or busted and is floating around in crank :? :cry:

    cheers and beers in advance

  2. done a bit of research, and aparently the auto decopression system can come out of adjustment, even become loose and just start making a shit load of noise, this still needs to be checked generally its banging against the off side exhaust rocker.

    thanks for the help guys :p
    ill post up my results, im gonna rip off the rocker cover tonight.
  3. What was the outcome??
  4. And here was me wondering what closed circuit television was doing on a dirt bike? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: