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CBRRrrrrrr 250 loan bike VS Hyo GT250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. OK so the Hyo is in getting a service today so they give me a loan bike. Its one of those CBR250rr's.

    this is the first time i've ridden one of these. And there is a significant difference between it and teh Hyo.

    1) its seating position is obviously more sporty and hunched over.

    2) the faired, sporty bikes really do use much less handlebar turn when turning, its almost entirely leaning. Nothing wrong with that, just different.

    3) The most obvious thing i noticed is how well placed the controls on the Hyo are compared to the CBR.

    4) Its also a small bike in comparrison, so its not really my thing.

    5) Sure there is more power - but not that much more, it just surges in the power delivery a bit more so it gives the impression of being much quicker.

    6) Its also got a Roo pipe. And all this seems to do is make it louder. It still sounds like a sewing machine, but now a loud one.

    7) The throttle requires a lot of pressure to actually turn it. Dont know if this is a charicteristic of the bike or not.

    8) The mirrors are a joke. Unless your about 4ft tall. All i see is my arms, and its bloody scary not having mirrors in peak hour traffic.

    All i can say is i can wait to get the Hyo back this arvo. I think basically it comes down to two things - first the bike is too small for me and second the sort of riding i do doesnt warrant the sporty style.
  2. Go the Hyo Duffman,

    You have confirmed what I suspected.

  3. what's the difference in controls Duff?

    horses for courses of course, but your loan bike doesn't sound like its been kept in good nick though!
  4. With the controls its just that the position of the switch block on the handle bar doesnt seem to be in teh most comfortable spot. It feels like you really have to move you hand to get to teh indicators/lights/horn.

    Dont get me wrong, i can see why these are popular amongst teh Rossi boy racers but its just not for me i guess.
  5. You got to remember, the cbr design is something like 16 yrs old. Its harsh comparing a 16yr old bike to a newer one.
    Even if its a 96 model RR, its still the same as the very first ones they brought out.

    Like comparing a VN commo to a VY.
  6. Fair call, but still a valid comparison given these are both learner bikes and like me most learners will at least contemplate the CBR.

    I have always said if you are under 5'9" and don't commute too far then the CBR is a valid choice.
  7. Haven't ridden a HYO mate, but you are spot on about most of those characteristics of the CBR250RR!! I can't wait to upgrade to a bigger, more comfortable and much newer bike when off restrictions :grin:

    But you are comparing apples with oranges... like comparing a VY commodore with a VL :wink:
  8. hey if you are comparing two Commadores you are still comparing crap with garbage... We are talking about motorbikes here not fast cows.

    "It looks like a Fish
    It moves like a Fish
    It steers like a Cow."
  9. What a surprise that a Falcon lover would say that ;)
  10. At the end of the day, these differences are very minor and as has already been mentioned - u are comparing a brand new bike to one that hasn't changed in 20yrs.

    That said like anything in this life, it just takes a bit of practice and patience and anything can become adequately comfortable - Sorta like my ex-girlfriend!! LOL!!!

    Aron, as soon as those restrictions come off, im buying a GT250 NOT!!

  11. I was starting to worry about you until I got to the "NOT" at the end... phew :LOL:

    Thought I was going to have to knock some sense into you :wink:
  12. Yeah the mirrors a scary ..there the same on my nsr and all I can see is elbows you tend to start thinking I hope the car behind me can see me ,, if you twist them to match the angle of the bars when your sitting on it you can see a little road behind you but from a safety point of view they are usless
  13. you can't see behind you at all, that's why your lane position is very important to see both the car behind you and the cars in the lane next to you!!

    the mirrors make it easy for me to lanesplit a lot easier than Hyo's as well, I ride with a mate who has a Hyo and he can't fit through half the gaps that I can when splitting up to a set of lights :eek:
  14. Ummmm, try dropping the elbow when u need to lane change this may provide a better view.

  15. It's not just age that is different; the two bikes are built with an entirely different design brief. So it's hardly surprising that you noticed many differences; it would have been much the same if you had put a CBR in for a service and been loaned a Hyosung......

    {LOVE the HHGTTG reference, Falcon :LOL:}
  16. hey duff
    was it Dale Britton that hooked u up with the loan bike??